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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Perfect Match (Continued from a previous post)

We move in close to each other, in the center of the mat.  He slaps my cock and I retaliate.  He tries again, and I catch hold of his wrists and we begin to lock up.  We stand close, our flat bellies slick with oil and sweat.  I can feel the heat rising from him; hearing his breathing.  I know he wants to dominate me, to make me cum first, to expend all of my energy until I am broken and at his mercy.  But I refuse to let him take me.

He tries a throw, but I counter, and I find myself behind him, my hard cock against his ass cheeks.  I catch him around his waist and begin to try and get him off his feet.  My arms pull in tight against him and his feet are of the floor.  I hear him moan--from the pressure of my muscular arms or from the pleasure of being taken--I'm not sure which.   Then he's down on the mats, me on top.  Our arms are intertwined and I feel his muscles.  But the oil.  He's slick.  And he escapes me.  Then it's me who is caught, his strong arms catching me around one arm and around my neck.

He pulls me backward and I'm on top of him, my back to his stomach.  His legs work to control mine, and we struggle like that for a bit on the mats.  I try to break his hold around my neck, but he's strong, and he refuses to give an inch.  I feel his hard cock behind me and I realize that he's gaining control of my legs, working a grape vine on me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Japanese Combat Wrestling: I think this video is very hot

The Perfect Match

Every gay man who likes wrestling has a perfect match that exists in their imagination--that one, excellent match that combines all the elements that make wrestling such an erotic sport.

I'm no different.  I have my own touchpoints that make a match a real turn on for me.  They may not be exactly the same things that excite you--we're all different and we have all come to this sport from different places--but I think my perfect match is symbolic enough to encompass the primary eroticism of the sport.

My perfect match would go something like this:

I step onto the mats in semi-darkness.  A single light shines from above.  I am wearing a low-cut singlet that cups my balls and cock.  I am barefoot.  A light sheen of sweat and oil covers my body.  The spare light accentuates my muscles and I flex for a moment, sure that my opponent will emerge from the darkness on the other side of the mat erect and ready for combat.

He is my height and weight - clean-cut and athletic.  He also is wearing a low-cut singlet that shows off his well-defined musculature.  He has glazed himself with a small amount of oil and he stops to flex, sure that I am watching.

We come together at the center of the mats and lock arms.  He is strong, but no stronger than me and we struggle in the semi-darkness for a bit, feeling each other out.  Our cocks harden and it is hard to look away from his crotch.  He takes advantage of my distraction and takes me down, but I recover quickly and escape.  We are back to our feet. 

We go at it again, our chests thumping against one another.  I catch him around the waist and throw him to the mats.  I am on top and we wrestle for position.  He does not collapse underneath, but instead is constantly on the move, trying to escape me.  The light glaze of oil makes him hard to control and he slips from me and turns.  He is on top of me. 

We wrestle back and forth for a while, and he finally has me down.  He thrusts his groin into mine and begins to grind away.   He knows this turns me on and a smile breaks.  He's laughing, knowing that my arousal will only make me weaker.  But I refuse to surrender and manage to get the escape. 

Back on our feet, we eye each other.  A little pre-cum stains our singlets and we, by mutual consent, strip, throwing the singlets off into the darkness.  We now stand, naked before each other, our cocks erect and ready.  We move toward each other and lock up again. 

To be continued...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wrestling a bigger guy

I'm a lightweight.  I don't mean that in a figurative sense.  I mean I don't weigh a hell-of-a-lot.  And in this world that means I usually wrestle guys who are way bigger than me.

Take last week.

A friend of mine was in town and we got together for a couple of matches.  He weighs around 210.  Me?  A modest 145.

How'd it go?

Not bad.  He cut me some slack because he's a cool guy but he also didn't just lay there.  We really went at it.  I like being able to work him from the top position and try to turn him.  And I was able to throw in some head-locks that won me a tap out.  But when he got on top of me.  Jeez it was impossible to get him off. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind, you smaller guys, when wrestling your larger buds:

1.  Don't try and out-muscle him.  He's bigger than you.  Avoid tie-ups and go for a take-down (if you're wrestling on mats) or if on a bed, try and get behind him as fast as possible.  Lock on his neck and hold on.

2.  When you get taken down and he's on top, try and work on one of his arms.  Don't lock hands with him or try and push him off.  Instead, try and isolate one of his arms with both of yours and then go for an arm bar.  If you've got the technique, let him get in close and throw your legs up around his neck. 

Good luck in your next match.  My next one won't be until next week.  CYA