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Monday, March 28, 2011

Oil Wrestling

First of all, you have to visit a Lowe's or a Home Depot. Pick out a plastic drop cloth - a big one - heavy gauge (meaning thick plastic).  Cheap ones will just cling to your body and roll up with you, so go ahead and buy a nice one.  Then, stop at a Walgreen's or your local grocery and buy some baby oil.  Cheap is fine here.

Anchor the four ends of the drop cloth by placing them under pieces of furniture.  Then open the baby oil.  The two of you will stand across from each other, nude.  Take a few moments to admire each others' bodies.  Reach out and feel the muscles of your opponent.  Run your hand lightly across his biceps, his thighs, over the hump of his pectorals.  Feel the steep drop to his wash-board abs. 

Begin to apply the oil, rubbing it gently over his body.  See his muscles as they glisten in the light.  Get behind him and pull him in close, using your hands to caress his chest and abs as you apply the oil.  It doesn't have to be too thick, just enough to make him slippery.  Work your way down around his waist and lightly touch the tip of his erect cock.  Apply the oil and take his cock firmly in your hand.  Give him a few firm strokes, just to get his attention, and then begin working the oil into his thighs and calves.

Then let him do the same to you.

Then, when you are both glistening with oil, begin to wrestle, slowly at first, feeling each other out.  Even if your opponent is stronger than you, oil tends to even things up.  You will be so slippery that even his most punishing moves will slacken and slip, allowing you to escape and slide around behind him.  But, beware, he will escape your holds just as easily. 

Feel how your bodies mingle and move across each other.  Look at how his biceps seem to expand, how his back seems to ripple with muscularity.  Catch him in a body scissors, and squeeze, but notice how he squirms loose and turns the tables on you, putting you in the same move. 

Don't worry about the carpet.  Agree that if you slip off the drop-cloth that you will break and reset to the middle.  Keep a towel handy to wipe your eyes of oil.  But mostly enjoy the sensuous feeling of gliding over a muscular body, working over a guy who is able to escape your moves --almost ghost-like--and reappear behind you to punish you. 

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