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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Full Nelson

Sorry I've been off-line the last few days.  Arkansas has been hard hit by the tornadoes and I had to take a few days off to help family and friends wield chainsaws.  Yes, I swung my chainsaw shirtless in the warm April sun. 

But, on to the Full Nelson, one of my favorite wrestling holds.  In the story I was telling (Competition) I was clamped into a Full Nelson at one point.  My opponent got around behind me and much like the photo above he was able to get his arms up around my neck.  He was a pretty strong guy and he worked hard to push my head forward and make me submit.  At the same time, he wrapped his legs around my mid-section and squeezed.  At first, I let him do it.  Like the guy in the photo, he had thick, hairy legs and he could really put the pressure on me - but since he was also attempting to work my neck, he was not applying as much pressure as he had hoped. 

I leaned forward, slowly breaking his hold on my neck and putting pressure on his feet underneath me.  I could tell he was struggling--his breathing was labored and he applied pressure in bursts that started strong but then faded.  He was weakening and I was in a position to out-last the punishment he was dishing out to me.  Then, finally, I rolled to my side so that my weight fell onto his feet and he released me.  I was free, and ready to turn into him and give him some of the same punishment that he'd given me.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


He was about ten years younger than me, and perhaps ten pounds lighter.  There was no question that he was built.  Flat stomach, well-developed chest and arms, thick hairy legs.  I could tell that he was nervous.  I suppose he'd never met a man before--not for the sole purpose of wrestling.  But here he was, standing on a set of mats dressed in just a pair of baggy shorts.  He'd removed his shirt at my suggestion, and I had removed mine.  I could tell he was pleased with what he saw, and he flexed a few times for me trying to intimidate me.

After showing off for each other for about a minute, we went at it by some sort of mutual consent. I suppose neither of us could wait any longer to get our hands on each other.  He came in low, and got me in a single leg take-down.  I was amazed at just how quick he was.  I'm not known for my speed, and I wondered if this match would be over before it got started.  But once he had me on the mats, he lost his self-assurance, and I was able to immobilize his arms and turn him over.  We rolled over and over, in an extended scramble, and I felt that I had the upper-hand.  But I did not want to dominate him--not yet.  Instead, I wanted to see if he could get me in a hold--and whether I could get myself out.

I soon got my wish as I gave up my back and he worked to clamp a choke-hold on me.  I felt him squeeze his muscular body up against mine--his chest tight against my back--his arm around my neck.  There was something akin to elation in him.  I could feel it.  He was sure that he had me.  But I worked on his arms with my own and was able to force him to release the choke.  That was what I'd been looking for.

He could trap me.  But I could escape.

Slowly I pulled his arm away from my neck and then I turned into him, catching him off balance.  He tumbled over backwards, me on top, and I trapped him against the mats.  I felt his chest against mine, our fingers interlaced.  He would not look at me.  Instead, he turned his face away to the left and then the right.  He did not want to admit that I had him, and meeting my eyes would surely do just that.  Instead, he tried, foolishly, to force me off using just his arms.  It was foolish not because I was so strong.  Rather it was foolish because there were more sure ways of forcing someone off of your chest.  Feeling his mounting frustration, I rolled to one side and let him work me over.  This could go on all night.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is your favorite body type?

I've always had a weakness for short, stocky, muscular guys.  You know the type.  Big chest.  High, rounded biceps.  There are several MMA fighters that fit that description.  Matt Serra (on the left in the top photo for instance).

But, what body type turns you on?  Is it the tall, lean look--you know-where the drop from the pecs to the abs is astronomical in its symmetry?  Or maybe the big bear type?  Lots of chest hair. Huge thighs.

One guy I used to know told me that all gay men want to fuck themselves.  He was joking, but that idea has never quite left me.  In some ways, he was right--at least for me.  I like guys my height and weight with a similar build.  Maybe that explains why I've worked so hard over the years to build myself into the image that I most admired.  That sounds a little vain--sorry.  But I have worked out hard a lot and the result is a specific body type that just happens to be one I admire. 

About a month ago I was back east on a wrestling trip and I had dinner with a friend of mine.  He had asked another friend to come along, so the three of us went out.  We were standing on the street and it hit me that all three of us were extremely similar in height, weight, musculature--even our hair.  We all had close-cropped hair.  It was like I was at a convention of me's.  Needless to say we all three wound up wrestling each other later that night.  That was one of my favorite wrestling experiences.  Three guys, all about the same physically, going at it.  I wish I could wrestle those guys every day!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Don't We Wrestle More Often?

Don't ask me what the illustration has to do with the topic.  Nothing really.  I just like the drawing.  It's so odd, isn't it?  Sort of a mash-up of Aztec/Mayan and Japanese eroticism.  I have no idea who the artist is--maybe one of you guys know?  I found this on the man2manalliance website, a site devoted to the idea that homosexual sex should be limited to frot. 

Anyway, why don't we--the members of the gay wrestling community-wrestle more often?  What are the factors that keep us apart?  Distance, certainly.  We tend to live all over the United States and the World, but it's more than that.  I am always surprised to learn that even in large metropolitan areas where there are plenty of wrestlers on global fights, they rarely get together and wrestle.  Why-the-heck is that?

I think one reason is that many people who post online about wanting to wrestle find it difficult to follow-through with an actual wrestling match.  The fantasy of it is difficult to translate into the reality.  After-all, to actually wrestle someone does require a certain amount of courage and trust.  The effort we expend in time and travel - and in money (hotels, etc.) make it a tough sell to some people, even when an opponent lives in the same city. 

Another issue is that when we see a posting online, we assume that the person is just sitting there, waiting to wrestle.  Many times this is not the case.  The lag between when a posting is made and when that person is contacted may include family problems, issues at work, etc. When we contact a potential wrestling partner, that person may be in the middle of the worse days of their life.  We have no way of knowing.

Another possible aspect is the inherent promiscuity of male homosexuals.  It seems to me that many men want to wrestle, once, and then never want to see that person again.  There is some part of our make-up which drives us on and on, looking for the right person, the best possible match.  All the while we let possible friends and wrestling partners fall by the way side because once we've wrestled they no long fit into our ready-built fantasy world. 

I propose that we begin to change our views on these things.  We need to work together to bring in more guys in a safe, fun environment.  We need to follow-up on emails and calls.  Stay in touch with former wrestling partners (I try to), and reach out to new ones.  We need to attend events like Hillside and the Clash and try and bring in new guys each year.  In short, we need to build our community, not let our inherent weaknesses drive us apart. 

Anyone have any ideas on this subject?  I'd love to hear them. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mastering the Tilt

One of my favorite moves in wrestling is the tilt, a move used primarily by smaller guys (although I have seen a few big dudes get away with it).  I love the tilt because of how helpless the guy in the tilt is as his back is exposed to the mats.  In folkstyle or college wrestling, the tilt has been used very well by wrestlers like Anthony Robles, the one-legged wrestler who won the NCAAs this past March. 

Here's how you do it.

With your opponent underneath you, place yourself across his back - your head behind his.  Unlike in submission wrestling, your opponent will face away from you, his chest toward the mats so you are chest to his back.  Try and gain control of one of his wrists--it does not really matter which one.  Once you have it, pull the wrist across his chest so his arm is trapped against his own body.  Since he will have been using that arm to prop himself up off the mats - to post as we say in wrestling--his shoulder will have fallen to the mats.

Say that his right arm is across his body so that you have control of it with your left arm.  You will tilt him - turn him over - to his right so that the left side of his body will turn up and over.  You do this by jumping with your entire body to your right, holding onto his wrist.  The force of your entire body weight will force him over as long as you hold onto his wrist!  This will pull him over with you exposing his back to the mat. 

In the picture above, the blue wrestler has been tilted and is struggling to escape - but it doesn't look like he's having any luck.   Now someone needs to come down and wrestle me because once I get you in the titl I will get inside your singlet and force you to cum.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Springtime: Time to Wrestle

The weather is warming up, the grass is getting green.  It's the perfect time to wrestle outdoors.  If you've got a backyard that is private enough to shield you from the neighbors, then now is the time to find a friend and hit the yard for a little yard wrestling.

Yard wrestling is the quintessential reenactment of a childhood experience--wrestling your best bud on the cool grass.  I had a friend when I was in seventh and eighth grade who was almost exactly my size.  He was thin and blond and loved to wrestle me.  Almost every afternoon after school it seemed like we wound up at his house or mine, and after some preliminary trash talk, we took to the carpets--or in nice weather-to the yard.  

He was proud of his body, and it took very little to get him to shed his shirt and come in after me.  We would always lock up standing and look for an opening.  Neither of us had much training.  It was all instinct and primal urge.  The desire to prove that you could dominate your friend if it really came down to it. 

And with us, it came down to it almost every afternoon. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

First to Cum

Image from

A few friends have asked me lately what is meant by a "first to cum" scenario.  Well, let me tell you.  That is a type of erotic wrestling in which the two wrestlers typically wrestle nude and attempt to jack one another off. The first guy to cum is the loser.  Of course, wrestling like this requires that you get your opponent in some holds where he is helpless to stop you from rubbing his cock.  Take the drawing above.  One guy has trapped the other guy's cock in his arm pit and is using his sweat, and perhaps some oil, to gently message the trapped member.  The dark haired guy on the bottom is in obvious trouble.  The pleasure of being caught and forced to cum is over-whelming him, but he does not want to submit...not yet, so he fights on. 

You don't have to wrestle nude to have a first to cum scenario.  Strip down to just an old pair of jeans or a ratty pair of gym shorts and go at it.  Maybe do a little rip-and-strip along with it - and when you are standing there, your jeans in tatters and your cock exposed and pulsing with pleasure, just try to stop your opponent from grabbing a big handful and rubbing.  Soon you'll be on your knees begging him to stop, but not meaning a single word of it. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wrestling With No Experience

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Wrestling another man can be an intimidating experience, especially if you have never wrestled before.  A lot of gay men have never wrestled--didn't wrestle in high school or college--and have no knowledge of how to wrestle another guy.  Wrestling is a skill, but only if you are truly competing.  In the world of gay wrestling it is far more important to have the will and the passion.

Most of the guys that I have wrestled over the years had never wrestled before.  They just want to try it, and they understood that I had not wrestled a lot before too.  On occasion I have run into someone who had a great deal of experience but they understood that my skills were not as good as theirs.  Even in jui jitsu class or wrestling practice when I've wrestled straight guys, they have adjusted their skills to my level so that I could learn rather than be hurt.

The point I am trying to make is that you should not let your fear hold you back from attempting to wrestle.  Even if you are not in perfect shape, don't have a god-like body, you should not let that hold you back.  Try it. 

One of the first times I ever wrestled a guy, I was extremely nervous about it.  The guy was very handsome, just the sort of guy I find attractive - my size - but I just could not really do much.  I wish that I had talked to him first rather than just diving in.  Talking diffuses the tension and fear and will serve to reassure you that it is going to be fun.  Tell your opponent what you want.  If he's a nice guy-and most are- he'll try to accommodate you. 

Now get out there and wrestle!