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Sunday, April 10, 2011

First to Cum

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A few friends have asked me lately what is meant by a "first to cum" scenario.  Well, let me tell you.  That is a type of erotic wrestling in which the two wrestlers typically wrestle nude and attempt to jack one another off. The first guy to cum is the loser.  Of course, wrestling like this requires that you get your opponent in some holds where he is helpless to stop you from rubbing his cock.  Take the drawing above.  One guy has trapped the other guy's cock in his arm pit and is using his sweat, and perhaps some oil, to gently message the trapped member.  The dark haired guy on the bottom is in obvious trouble.  The pleasure of being caught and forced to cum is over-whelming him, but he does not want to submit...not yet, so he fights on. 

You don't have to wrestle nude to have a first to cum scenario.  Strip down to just an old pair of jeans or a ratty pair of gym shorts and go at it.  Maybe do a little rip-and-strip along with it - and when you are standing there, your jeans in tatters and your cock exposed and pulsing with pleasure, just try to stop your opponent from grabbing a big handful and rubbing.  Soon you'll be on your knees begging him to stop, but not meaning a single word of it. 

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