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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Full Nelson

Sorry I've been off-line the last few days.  Arkansas has been hard hit by the tornadoes and I had to take a few days off to help family and friends wield chainsaws.  Yes, I swung my chainsaw shirtless in the warm April sun. 

But, on to the Full Nelson, one of my favorite wrestling holds.  In the story I was telling (Competition) I was clamped into a Full Nelson at one point.  My opponent got around behind me and much like the photo above he was able to get his arms up around my neck.  He was a pretty strong guy and he worked hard to push my head forward and make me submit.  At the same time, he wrapped his legs around my mid-section and squeezed.  At first, I let him do it.  Like the guy in the photo, he had thick, hairy legs and he could really put the pressure on me - but since he was also attempting to work my neck, he was not applying as much pressure as he had hoped. 

I leaned forward, slowly breaking his hold on my neck and putting pressure on his feet underneath me.  I could tell he was struggling--his breathing was labored and he applied pressure in bursts that started strong but then faded.  He was weakening and I was in a position to out-last the punishment he was dishing out to me.  Then, finally, I rolled to my side so that my weight fell onto his feet and he released me.  I was free, and ready to turn into him and give him some of the same punishment that he'd given me.

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