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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mastering the Tilt

One of my favorite moves in wrestling is the tilt, a move used primarily by smaller guys (although I have seen a few big dudes get away with it).  I love the tilt because of how helpless the guy in the tilt is as his back is exposed to the mats.  In folkstyle or college wrestling, the tilt has been used very well by wrestlers like Anthony Robles, the one-legged wrestler who won the NCAAs this past March. 

Here's how you do it.

With your opponent underneath you, place yourself across his back - your head behind his.  Unlike in submission wrestling, your opponent will face away from you, his chest toward the mats so you are chest to his back.  Try and gain control of one of his wrists--it does not really matter which one.  Once you have it, pull the wrist across his chest so his arm is trapped against his own body.  Since he will have been using that arm to prop himself up off the mats - to post as we say in wrestling--his shoulder will have fallen to the mats.

Say that his right arm is across his body so that you have control of it with your left arm.  You will tilt him - turn him over - to his right so that the left side of his body will turn up and over.  You do this by jumping with your entire body to your right, holding onto his wrist.  The force of your entire body weight will force him over as long as you hold onto his wrist!  This will pull him over with you exposing his back to the mat. 

In the picture above, the blue wrestler has been tilted and is struggling to escape - but it doesn't look like he's having any luck.   Now someone needs to come down and wrestle me because once I get you in the titl I will get inside your singlet and force you to cum.

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