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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Springtime: Time to Wrestle

The weather is warming up, the grass is getting green.  It's the perfect time to wrestle outdoors.  If you've got a backyard that is private enough to shield you from the neighbors, then now is the time to find a friend and hit the yard for a little yard wrestling.

Yard wrestling is the quintessential reenactment of a childhood experience--wrestling your best bud on the cool grass.  I had a friend when I was in seventh and eighth grade who was almost exactly my size.  He was thin and blond and loved to wrestle me.  Almost every afternoon after school it seemed like we wound up at his house or mine, and after some preliminary trash talk, we took to the carpets--or in nice weather-to the yard.  

He was proud of his body, and it took very little to get him to shed his shirt and come in after me.  We would always lock up standing and look for an opening.  Neither of us had much training.  It was all instinct and primal urge.  The desire to prove that you could dominate your friend if it really came down to it. 

And with us, it came down to it almost every afternoon. 

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