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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is your favorite body type?

I've always had a weakness for short, stocky, muscular guys.  You know the type.  Big chest.  High, rounded biceps.  There are several MMA fighters that fit that description.  Matt Serra (on the left in the top photo for instance).

But, what body type turns you on?  Is it the tall, lean look--you know-where the drop from the pecs to the abs is astronomical in its symmetry?  Or maybe the big bear type?  Lots of chest hair. Huge thighs.

One guy I used to know told me that all gay men want to fuck themselves.  He was joking, but that idea has never quite left me.  In some ways, he was right--at least for me.  I like guys my height and weight with a similar build.  Maybe that explains why I've worked so hard over the years to build myself into the image that I most admired.  That sounds a little vain--sorry.  But I have worked out hard a lot and the result is a specific body type that just happens to be one I admire. 

About a month ago I was back east on a wrestling trip and I had dinner with a friend of mine.  He had asked another friend to come along, so the three of us went out.  We were standing on the street and it hit me that all three of us were extremely similar in height, weight, musculature--even our hair.  We all had close-cropped hair.  It was like I was at a convention of me's.  Needless to say we all three wound up wrestling each other later that night.  That was one of my favorite wrestling experiences.  Three guys, all about the same physically, going at it.  I wish I could wrestle those guys every day!

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