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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Day After a Match

well, I met the guy I told you about, and I had a blast. Yes, he out weighed me by about sixty pounds - he actually weighed 220 - but he was really fun to wrestle. The first match he caught me in a head lock that was positively lethal, and I thought I was really in trouble. But I started keeping my head up and I was able to take him down and submit him about two out of three times. It was a lot of fun. He had a great attitude about the whole thing. He was in reasonably good shape, and a nice guy. I'm really glad I met him.

I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend and getting to do some wrestling. write me and tell me about your experiences!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random Thoughts for a Saturday Morning

Sorry there's no picture this morning but I'm using my iPad to post and the app to let you post does not appear to support the uploading of pictures.

So, anyway, it's Saturday morning and I've got a match lined up for tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous about it. The guy is around six feet and weighs 205 according to his profile. in case you're having trouble with the math, that's about sixty more pounds than I have. so if he gets on top of me, I won't be able to get him off.

So, I don't plan on letting him get on top. Most of the time when I wrestle a guy, I am interested in the erotic aspects so I'm more than willing to lock up, hands to hands, or something like that. No more. I intend to hand fight this guy, get the underhooks and keep him at a distance. When he lunges for me, I'll sprawl and go for his back. I know he's stronger than me. He's gotta be. So I'll keep on the edges, attack from the side and the back and try and hold him off. It won't be easy.

Why am I wrestling this guy? He lives near me and I have no one to wrestle around here. If someone offers I feel sort of obliged to accept. He seems like an okay guy. His profile says he's straight so I'm assuming this is just wrestling, but you never know. Guys say they're straight on their profile a lot of times because they can't admit that they are gay or because they think if someone sees their profile they can say: I said I was straight! So who knows. If you never hear from me again after tomorrow, assume he killed me and contact the police.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Time For a Wrestling Road Trip (continued)

So I'll be flying off the Washington DC the first week of June and I'm really looking forward to wrestling some guys my size.  Yeah, those two studs in the picture above seem to have found a fun way to wrestle in what appears to be their closet - irony anyone? - and I wouldn't mind recreating that scene myself.  Hopefully, I will.

I've been feeling pretty good this week. I spoke to one of the guys I'm going to wrestle over the phone and had a great time talking to him.  It was all very sexual, very hot.  Lots of trash talk and descriptions of what each of us will do to the other.  I'm not a big phone-sex guy, but this was really a turn on.  Of course it helped that I had his profile up and was looking at it the whole time.  I guess I'm sort of visually oriented.  Helped a lot with the mental imagery.

So now I'm all revved up and ready to go.  But I still have several weeks! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

At the gym

Yeah, that photo is a little graphic, but I think it's hot. 

I was at the gym today.  It was chest day, so I was doing a lot of flat bench exercises.  The gym has a metal roof and already it's hot down here in the south.  I was sweatin' up a storm.  My shirt was plastered to my chest and my biceps were pumped and glistening. 

I was feeling sort of cocky--throwing the weight around and really givin' it my all--when I noticed in the mirror that this guy was checking me out.  He was about my height and weight.  In pretty good shape.  Nice muscled calves and arms--he had on one of those Underarmor shirts and it clung to his torso in such a way that he might as well had not been wearing a shirt.  When he saw that I had caught him looking, I expected him to look away.  That's what most guys do.  But not him.  Instead he flashed me a wicked smile. 

I took that as a sign, but I really didn't have much time to react.  Two of his buddies came over and all them of them gathered around the bench press - taking turns spotting each other.  I shrugged it off.  He was busy.  So what?

Well, you know how it is.  You're concentrating on the weights when you glace over.  He's giving me that wide-ass grin again.  His friends are distracted - fucking with each other - they don't notice. 

I think: why don't I walk over and start a conversation?  I'm bigger than this guy's friends.  Maybe I'll run 'em off.

But before I can move, they do.  Toward the doors.  I think: What the hell?  What was that?  A tease.  So, I'm back to the weights, throwing things around with a little more force and a little more attitude.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Time For a Wrestling Road Trip (continued)

Okay, it's a Saturday afternoon and I'm sitting in front of my PC writing.  I should be wrestling!  I tried to find someone to wrestle with this weekend.  I wrote to several guys on globalfights and even talked with a friend who is not really a big wrestler - no takers.  Everyone had things they had to do.  I'm sort of bummed.  I was hoping to slip on some loose-fitting shorts and some flip-flops and show up at someone's house with no shirt and a big-time attitude.  Ready to strip down and wrestle.

Anyway, no time for feeling sorry for myself.  Instead, I'll think about my up-coming wrestling road trip. 

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I am not always the most aggressive guy.  In fact, I am normally pretty easy-going.  I was never the sort of guy who just walked up to another guy and shoved him.  I feel a little fake talking like some macho hound. Still in wrestling, I have got to be more aggressive.  I suppose that is one of the issues many gay men encounter in wrestling - the desire to be aggressive vs. the urge to be gentle.  I find that in some matches I can be overly passive in my wrestling.  I can't quite explain why.  I'm not sure I understand why.

It might have something to do with the perceived physical superiority of my opponent.  They say that in college wrestling, the first take-down is often times what makes the match.  And in wrestling a guy, the first few moves can put a mental stamp on a match that can make it either a lot of fun or a big drag.  For me, I like that feeling that I can hold my own.  I want to feel that I won't just be put on my back and held there.  I want to at least be able to keep the action going and apply holds as well as have them applied to me.

There are guys I've wrestled who I've discovered in the first few seconds of my match were out of my league.  Stronger.  Faster.  Better skilled.  Some of those guys have gone on to just dominate me.  They never allowed me to escape a hold or apply one to them.  They were too busy beating me.  Those are the type of matches I prefer to avoid.  I want more give-and-take.  I don't want to be pinned and held there. 

This is sort of a perennial problem for me.  Being a smaller guy who often winds up wrestling guys with 20, 30, 40 or more pounds on me, I often wind up being pummeled.  My last trip allowed me to wrestle a few guys who were more my size and I had a blast.  This up-coming trip I haven't done quite as well at finding guys my own size.  So, we'll see how it goes.  I'll have to really work myself up into a competitive frenzy.   Part of my problem is mental.  I need to over-come the idea that I can be beaten.  Right? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hercules in Trouble

I'm not sure who the artist is, but you can find a lot more like this at BAMmen on yahoo groups.  Note the trail around Hercules' cock.

It's Time For a Wrestling Road Trip (continued)

When you are planning on meeting a guy for the first time, it's important to at least attempt to define the limits and the type of match that you will engage in.  The trouble with this is that you are usually limited to text messages and emails - both of which can be misleading.  Take for instance the word "sex." 

If you indicate that you want to wrestle and have sex - that may mean a lot of different things.  Do you want to have anal sex? Oral? Just mutual JO?  Frottage? Or does your prospective opponent not want any form of sex?  You need to be a little explicit about expressing your desires and limits.  I, for one, do not engage in anal sex with guys I've just met.  Condom or no condom.  Oral is pretty much out too.  It's too dangerous unless I know the guy.  But, a lot of guys out there want to wrestle for top - to see who will take the top position - or want to force you to suck them off.  It's part of their fantasy.  All that needs to be decided by mutual consent.  Not by force.

The point I'm trying to make is that you are going to meet a guy that you've contacted off the internet - sight-pretty-much-unseen - so you need to feel that person out a bit about what they want to get from the encounter.  I mean, you want both parties to have a good time (not just you) but within acceptable limits.  Read profiles carefully for hints about a person's interests.  If they mention bondage and S&M, that probably means that they find bondage and S&M a turn on.  The question is then: do you?  If so, great.  But if not, then you need to make that plain. 

I don't, however, want to make too much of all this.  In my experience, I've only had troubles with this sort of thing once or twice - and both times a discussion cleared things up.  Most of the guys who compose the wrestling fraternity are really cool and open-minded.  Speak up.  Make your desires clear.  But listen to their desires, too.  It's not all about you.  It really does take two to tango. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Time For a Wrestling Road Trip (continued)

Once you've selected where you're going to go, the next step is to find a hotel.  There are a few things you should keep in mind about selecting a hotel.  You will need a fair amount of space in your room.  If you are going to wrestle in your room, you need some space to roll in.  Most guys can't host, so most matches will take place in your room.  Another thing to think about is the size of the bed.  King is best.  Queen is okay.  Anything smaller is not really that great.  You can't wrestle a guy on a twin bed. 

Finding guys to wrestle isn't too difficult.  I use to do it.  For my up-coming trip I advertised the dates and also sent out emails to guys in the area who I thought would be fun to wrestle.  I was gratified to get about fifteen responses. 

Of course, that does not mean that I will wrestle fifteen guys.  Of those, most will be no-shows or will never write back again.  In my case, I have only gotten serious inquiries from about seven guys.  Of those, I only have time to wrestle around five.  So, that gives me some good leeway. 

Since I am a smaller guy, I will choose to wrestle guys more my size.  In my case, I've made some exceptions for some guys that I've met before and whom I think are really hot and fun to wrestle.  None of my opponents will out-weigh me by more than around twenty pounds though.  Any more than that, and I might as well stay in Arkansas! 

In my next post I'll discuss how we decide on the type of match - the style of wrestling - the limits - sexual and physical.  Keep those emails coming.  I appreciate everyone's comments! 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I think it's time for a wrestling road trip!

Okay, I've been working out.  I've been studying wrestling moves.  The weather is warming up.  I think it's time to hit the road and try wrestling some of the guys out there.  You know, it's not that easy to just get up and go someplace to wrestle.  There are a lot of factors that come into play: a little lingering fear, doubts about my abilities (I'm not THAT great of a wrestler), money, time off from work...the list goes on and on. 

But, what are the alternatives?  Another summer spent just thinking about wrestling other guys.  Wasted time.  I'm not getting any younger, you know.  There will come a day when I might not be able to wrestle. 

So, I think when the pros and cons are looks like it's time for a road trip.  Okay, then, to where?  After some deliberation, I've decided that Washington DC is the place I will go.  This will allow me to meet up with some friends that I've wrestled already and hopefully meet some new guys.

My main criteria is that I meet guys around my size.  I live in a southern state, and finding guys who are around 150 pounds is pretty damned hard.  In the south, a 150 pound guy is usually around 14.  And, since I require that my opponents at least be past the age of consent, that just won't do. 

As the trip progresses, I'll keep you guys informed about how things shape up, how I arrange to meet guys, and how the matches turn out.  Of course, there will be no names.  I have to respect peoples' privacy.  My last trip (to Philadelphia) was great.  I hope this one is, too. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Note

I've been out of town the last few days and haven't had time to write.  But I will soon!  I hope everyone is wrestling lots! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Building a wrestler's body

One of my ambitions for the last twenty years has been to build the kind of body I felt a wrestler should have.  This has not been an easy task.  I was always a small guy.  I'm only 5' 7" and when I got out of college I weighed in at only 125 lbs. 

But over the years since I've thrown myself at weight rooms and running in an attempt to redefine myself as a wrestler.  Of course, during much of that time I had NO ONE to wrestle.  In fact for many years my main motivation was to at least be in shape should I ever get a chance to wrestle.  Then, about five years ago I found the website and all of my dreams started to come true.  Since then I've wrestled around fifty guys. 

Several guys have written me lately and asked me about how I get into shape and stay there.  So I thought I'd give you an overview of my workout schedule. 

My week is defined by working out.  Monday through Friday I get up at five in the morning and run two miles.  When I return home, I do 100 crunches with a 30 lb weighted ball on my chest, 50 bicycles, and 50 knee raises.  In April that came to around 3000 abs exercises and 36 miles of running.

On Mondays and Thursdays, I work my legs and lower body.  I use a hex bar with two forty-five pound weights to do squats, lunges with twenty-five or thirty pound weights, squats on the smith machine, squats on the squat machine, leg extensions, and then squats on the nautilus.  I also do around 100 calve raises. 

On Tuesday I work chest and arms.  I typically do bench presses with barbells instead of using the bench press machine.  I like free weights best, and I find this stresses me a lot more than anything else.  I then do incline presses, flies, over-head presses, and cable flies.  Then I do tricep pull-downs starting with 60 lbs, then up to 70, 80, 90, 100 (three sets at 100) and then five reps each at 100, 90, 80, 70, 60 until I want to scream.  Then it's on to arm curls, hammer curls, and assorted other arms exercises.

Friday is shoulders and back.  I do standing shoulder presses, Arnold presses, front raises, deltoid raises, shrugs, ball raises, various exercises with a Bulgarian bag, rows, etc.

Eating right is also a huge part of my work out.  I cook a big pot of brown rice and veggies every Sunday along with grilled or baked chicken and divide it up into containers so I have my lunches all week.

Of course, I still like to eat out and I like a glass of wine.  I figure with all that working out if I can't enjoy myself then what's the damned point. 

So, there you are.  Dedicated or compulsive?  You decide. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The struggle

He should have won. 

His opponent was reviled and ridiculed by everyone, but as was typical when one guy is the butt of jokes he seeks out the weak link to work on.  And it was Seth.  Seth was a good wrestler.  Skilled.  But not as strong as the other guys, and although everyone knew it, they over-looked it because Seth was well liked.  But when Jamie grew tired of the taunts, he challenged Seth.  He wanted revenge and Seth was the weakest link.

Seth knew he should be able to take Jamie.  Jamie was strong, yes, but he'd lost his last six matches and was really getting a lot of flack from the guys.  But on that warm Sunday afternoon, when Jamie challenged Seth, Seth knew he had to win - knew he should win.  Jamie was a loser.  Everyone said so. 

But once the match began, Seth realized that he was out matched.  From the beginning Jamie seemed in control, and soon he had Seth down, his legs around Seth's mid-section, his arm around Seth's throat.  All the guys were gathered around, yelling at Seth, telling him to put the punk down...but Seth could not break free.  Jamie had him, and he knew it.  He was beaten.  He'd be humiliated in front of the guys.  Forced to give it up in front of seven or eight of his - formerly - closest friends. 

Seth struggled, trying to break free, but he felt Jamie's legs as they were pulled in tighter.  He felt as Jamie locked in his choke.  Worse, Seth was getting hard.  He felt his cock strain against his pants.  Felt the heat of their two bodies, and knew that just before he went out, he'd blow his load.  He had to do something.  He was getting close.  And was too late.