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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random Thoughts for a Saturday Morning

Sorry there's no picture this morning but I'm using my iPad to post and the app to let you post does not appear to support the uploading of pictures.

So, anyway, it's Saturday morning and I've got a match lined up for tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous about it. The guy is around six feet and weighs 205 according to his profile. in case you're having trouble with the math, that's about sixty more pounds than I have. so if he gets on top of me, I won't be able to get him off.

So, I don't plan on letting him get on top. Most of the time when I wrestle a guy, I am interested in the erotic aspects so I'm more than willing to lock up, hands to hands, or something like that. No more. I intend to hand fight this guy, get the underhooks and keep him at a distance. When he lunges for me, I'll sprawl and go for his back. I know he's stronger than me. He's gotta be. So I'll keep on the edges, attack from the side and the back and try and hold him off. It won't be easy.

Why am I wrestling this guy? He lives near me and I have no one to wrestle around here. If someone offers I feel sort of obliged to accept. He seems like an okay guy. His profile says he's straight so I'm assuming this is just wrestling, but you never know. Guys say they're straight on their profile a lot of times because they can't admit that they are gay or because they think if someone sees their profile they can say: I said I was straight! So who knows. If you never hear from me again after tomorrow, assume he killed me and contact the police.

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