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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The struggle

He should have won. 

His opponent was reviled and ridiculed by everyone, but as was typical when one guy is the butt of jokes he seeks out the weak link to work on.  And it was Seth.  Seth was a good wrestler.  Skilled.  But not as strong as the other guys, and although everyone knew it, they over-looked it because Seth was well liked.  But when Jamie grew tired of the taunts, he challenged Seth.  He wanted revenge and Seth was the weakest link.

Seth knew he should be able to take Jamie.  Jamie was strong, yes, but he'd lost his last six matches and was really getting a lot of flack from the guys.  But on that warm Sunday afternoon, when Jamie challenged Seth, Seth knew he had to win - knew he should win.  Jamie was a loser.  Everyone said so. 

But once the match began, Seth realized that he was out matched.  From the beginning Jamie seemed in control, and soon he had Seth down, his legs around Seth's mid-section, his arm around Seth's throat.  All the guys were gathered around, yelling at Seth, telling him to put the punk down...but Seth could not break free.  Jamie had him, and he knew it.  He was beaten.  He'd be humiliated in front of the guys.  Forced to give it up in front of seven or eight of his - formerly - closest friends. 

Seth struggled, trying to break free, but he felt Jamie's legs as they were pulled in tighter.  He felt as Jamie locked in his choke.  Worse, Seth was getting hard.  He felt his cock strain against his pants.  Felt the heat of their two bodies, and knew that just before he went out, he'd blow his load.  He had to do something.  He was getting close.  And was too late.

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