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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Responses to My Posting Concerning Hygiene

Well, it's been an odd week.  Aside from things at work and in my personal life, this blog has really elicited a ton of responses from the posting I did earlier this week on hygiene.  And I mean a lot of responses.  I must have gotten fifty emails and text messages.

Honestly, guys, I was not talking about anyone in particular.  I was just saying what I generally like in terms of grooming.  And, I was listing what I do.  Just because I said I do all those things does not mean that YOU have to.  Really.  They aren't deal breakers.  (Okay, hair on the shoulders, that might be a deal breaker - as well as body breaker!)

All kidding aside, here are some of the questions I was asked this week and my responses:

[Name Withheld]: I can't help it if I have back hair.  Why didn't you tell me that you didn't like it?

My answer: I wasn't talking about you specifically Mr. Withheld.  I was just saying that in general I don't care a whole lot for hair on a guy's back.  I've wrestled guys who had back hair and it was no big deal.  I actually wrestled a guy once with red back hair that was extremely soft.  That was okay.  But I was not talking about you.  Still, if you'd like to look into a little waxing, please don't let me stop you.

[Incognito]: I had not taken a bath that time we wrestled.  You thought I stunk, didn't you?  Well, I'm sorry about that.  It's glandular.

Dear Incognito, if it's glandular, what are you gonna do?  See a doctor?  I mean that.  Really.  Are you gonna?  You know, see a doctor?  Cuz maybe you should.  Dude, you stink.

[Incomprehensible Handle]: The hair that grows around my nipples is coarse by nature and has a tendency to become even more pronounced at certain times of the month.  I have tried shaving it back, but it comes back even darker and coarser.  There's nothing I can do.

Here's back at ya, Incomprehensible:  That does sound difficult to handle, as far as bodily grooming is concerned.  My only thing is that I would like to know what times of the month are best for me to wrestle you.  I'm assuming after the full moon?  And, no, I will not do it doggie style.

Until next time, my friends, keep on working out and wrestling...hard.  And if it stinks, wash it.  If it has sprouted hair, shave it.  Or not.  It's up to you.       

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wrestling and Hygiene

Now that's a hold I could gladly get into.  Trapped by a big stud and forced to cum against my will. 

But I digress.

I wanted to talk a bit today about hygiene.  Please understand, this post is not meant as criticism of anyone or of anyone's tastes.  It is merely meant to explore the topic of how we present ourselves to each other when we wrestle.

First of all, let's just state upfront that everyone has different likes and dislikes.  Some guys like a guy who is sweaty and smells like a man, and some guys can't stand the smell of stale sweat.  Some guys do not like you to wear deodorant.  Others prefer it.  It all depends on your opponent, and these are good things to bring up in a preliminary discussion with a prospective opponent.  What does he like?  What do you like?  If you differ in your tastes, can you compromise?

Here are a few of the things I do when I'm going to meet a guy to wrestle:

1.  I trim my toe nails and fingernails.
2.  I shower.
3.  I do not wear deodorant or perfume.
4.  I shave my chest - even trimming the hair around my nipples (how's that for full disclosure?)
5.  I like to have had my hair cut within the previous few days.  I prefer very short hair - a military cut.
6.  I shave unless I want that day-old stubble look.

I have friends who insist that their opponents shower as soon as they show up.  I don't mind this personally.  A quick shower - especially if it's with my opponent - can be a real turn on.  It also kind of wakes you up and gets you ready.

I also know a guy who hates me to have showered.  He likes me to show up covered in sweat and smelling like a guy.

Body hair is an especially touchy topic.  Some guys like a hairy chest and ass.  I am one of those guys who prefers less hair.  I'm okay with a hairy chest, but hair on the stomach or on the back - or on the shoulders, God-forbid - that's a bit much for me.  Actually, I prefer a guy smooth, but that's not an absolute.  I do like short hair however.  I've never been turned on by really long hair.  I know some pro guys like it, but I prefer a cropped cut.

Trimming the toenails and fingernails is always a good idea.  I got skewered recently in a match; a pretty good cut from a fingernail.  I disinfected it when I got home just in case.  We'd been wrestling on mats and MRSA is always a concern.  [Don't know what MRSA is?  It's a dangerous infection that can be gotten from dirty mats.  Always disinfect yourself when you get a cut or abrasion when wrestling on mats.]

Anyway, what about you guys?  What do you do to prepare for a match?  I know a few of you will say, "Nothing."  I think I've met a few guys who feel that way.  And, let me say "thanks" to each of you for your lack of preparation.  Next time, at least trim your damned nails, dude. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New feature: I review popular gay wrestling video sites

The two photos shown above are from a website called  The site is not just about wrestling.  Instead, it's sort of a one-stop shop for all sorts of gay porn.  I did not check out the entire site.  Instead, I spent my time on the wrestling portion to better serve my readers.

The truth is, I've visited this site quite a few times over the years.  It has morphed into a full-on gay porn site recently, but in more recent times, it was specially targeted toward gay wrestling.  Luckily, Chris has not abandoned the wrestling aspect, and you can find a large selection of pictures to peruse (the Galleries) as well as download his generally well-made movies.

Most of the Chris Geary stuff is professionally filmed.  The production values are relatively high and the participants are usually pretty attractive.  In the photos above you can see Chris (the blond) wrestling his (I'm assuming then-boyfriend) Eric.  Both of them are buff and cute, although the wrestling seems sort of stagy - I got the impression that the cute boyfriend was just going along to be nice.

Although Chris provides plenty of video stills and short viewings, you have to go to another site called to subscribe.  The cost is $38.95 (US) per month to see all his movies, not just the wrestling movies. 

I actually like some of these videos.  Chris is attractive and strong, and loves to get guys in backbreakers.  He's also not shy about torturing a guy's cock while he's caught and helpless.  But over-all I would not say that most of the wrestling is very good.  Although Chris seems adept at finding good-looking guys, they rarely have much in the way of wrestling skills.  So, the wrestling is usually sort of perfunctory. 

Is it worth it?  Like any porn site, it depends on if you find the models attractive and the wrestling hot. 


Models:  B+
Wrestling:  C

Friday, June 24, 2011


I spoke on the phone yesterday with a guy whom I'd been emailing from Texas.  He had sent me a photo of himself (which I won't post here - although, really, you should see it - man, he's hot).  He's my size - maybe an inch shorter and a few pounds heavier.  He has that classic wrestler build that I like.  Stocky and muscular.  Short.  And he wants to wrestle! 

He said that he had only wrestled a few times with guys off the internet, but I think he'd done some wrestling in high school.

I thought he sounded like a nice guy, reasonable, and level-headed.  So, we have set up a match for July 9th - a Saturday.  That is a few weeks away, which is a drag, but I have to work this weekend and then the next weekend is the Fourth of July.  Luckily time passes pretty quickly.

So, here we are.  It's Friday (here in the States) and I'm faced with a weekend of working.  That's not so bad, really.  I don't mind what I do (I'm a programmer) and I'll get a chance to relax some as well.  I hope you guys have a great weekend.  And, if you get a chance, wrestle hard!  And write me - I love the comments and emails.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Setting Up a Match

These pictures illustrate what I find attractive in a wrestler.  The short, stocky build.  The big legs.  The rounded biceps.  The overt emotionalism from either a win or a loss.  The short hair.  I'm not really sure who this guy is (I think he wrestled for Ohio State - hence the Buckeye label) but he is too hot.

Well, it's Thursday and my hopes of rounding up an opponent are all going down for the count.  I thought I might be wrestling a guy this evening.  He is from out-of-town.  Bigger than me.  But my self-confidence is pretty damned high these days.  I was ready.  After a flurry of emails...nothing.  I'm not even sure if he's still coming to town.  I assume not.

I also had a good chance for a match this weekend with a guy from a neighboring state.  He was all set to drive up and wrestle me, but I have to work!  I couldn't believe it.  I had to work all last weekend too.  What a drag.

So, I keep my hopes pinned on the weeks to come.  I'm sure a match will present itself eventually.  In the meantime I'll do my thing-the running, the lifting, the eating right.  And when I get a chance - just like YOU - I will wrestle hard.

Oh, and just a quick note to all my Brazilian readers: thanks for the words of encouragement and compliments.  You guys are great!  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Morning

I don't know about you guys, but work is impinging on my personal life a little too much these days. Seems like I'm constantly working when all I want to do is think about wrestling and...of course...wrestle!  It's quite a predicament.  What's a poor boy to do?  Work, of course.  But still.

So, anyway, at least I got to wrestle some this past weekend.  Wrestling that old friend was fun, but for all the sweatin' and strainin' there is always this sense of unresolved sexual tension.  He has such a look on his face when he wrestles.  It's difficult to describe.  Sort of a lecherous sneer that gets more intense when he is in control.  You can tell that he enjoys attempting to control me.  Loves getting on top and trying to put me in a school-boy pin.  I did not let him.  Every time he tried to get into position to pin my arms to the floor with his knees I would bridge out and pitch him forward, then scramble down between his legs.

Yeah, I would let my hand brush his cock and he would jump.  He'd say "Hey!  No fair!" But he didn't seem to really mind. Still, that was as far as we got.  Soon...too soon...he was slumped against an easy chair breathing heavily.  He's not in that great a shape anymore.

So, I've got a match set up for Thursday night, but it seems very iffy.  I really think it will fall through.  Then, I might have a match for this coming Sunday. But again, that seems unlikely to happen because I might have to work.

So, I will continue to work and work out.  And, if I get the chance to wrestle, I'll do it.  Otherwise, I'll just keep on my path of eating right, running and lifting.  As for you guys...have a good day and wrestle hard.     

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Surprise Wrestling Match

The picture above is from my trip to Washington DC a week ago.

Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day. 

I had no plans to wrestle anyone.  I didn't even expect that it would be possible.  But around two o'clock in the afternoon, I got a call from an old friend whom I haven't seen in several years.  He and I used to wrestle on occasion.  Our matches were never sexual, but they were always fun.  Well, he called and asked if I could come over.  He had the house to himself and wanted to "talk."

I slipped on some flip-flops and a t-shirt and headed over.  Interestingly, he met me at the door in just a pair of ragged old shorts.  He had gained a little weight.  Not too much, but some.  His chest was hairier than I remembered but he looked ok.

As I walked into his living room, he caught me from behind in a tight bear hug.  And that was it.  We were wrestling.  As was typical with him, we wrestled on the rug in front of the TV.  Not really the best place, but still, it was okay.  He is not skilled but he's bigger than me and determined.  So I had to work hard to break his hold and take the initiative.  In a few minutes I had my flip-flops off, and my t-shirt was on the floor.  We were chest to chest struggling to take each other down.  He had such a grin on his face.  Like a little boy who was getting away with something.  But he ended up on the rug with me on top.  I pinned him with a grape-vine and he screamed in mock agony as I worked him over.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Next up...More Wrestling!

I had such a great time in Washington DC that I am determined to keep the wrestling going.  There is a strong possibility that I might have a couple of matches coming up in the next few weeks.  One is with a guy who's written to me quite a few times over the last few years.  We've tried to work out a meeting, but for some reason, things just never pan out.  Schedules.  Work.  Family.  All that non-wrestling stuff that just gets in the way.  (I'm kidding.) 

Hopefully this time we'll meet up.  He's bigger than me, but my confidence is sky-high after Washington, so I'm ready.

There is another guy that I've been wanting to wrestle for a while from a neighboring state who has just written to me and asked to wrestle.  He and I have almost gotten together on at least three occasions.  But, again, schedules with school and work have messed things up.  I am really hoping that this time we get together.  Judging from his profile, I think he'd be a fun wrestle.  Fingers crossed.

Here's hoping everything is going well with all of you.  Keep those emails coming.  I love hearing about your exploits and adventures.  Some of you guys are really taking my advice and over-coming your fears.  Do it.  Get out there, get sweaty, and wrestle hard.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Pictures From My Wrestling Weekend

That's me with the green/blue/white singlet.  Jeez, I look sort of sunburned, don't I?

I am wrestling Mr. Q from my trip, and man, it was a tough match.  He was a blast to wrestle.  Strong.  Skilled.  And just a really nice guy.  You can't imagine how low-key he is off the mats. 

It's almost hard to believe what a tough competitor he is when he wrestles.  He did not cut me any slack (which is good). 

Monday, June 13, 2011

I Answer Your Questions About My Wrestling Trip to Washington!

That's me on the right above wrestling Mr. W on Saturday, June 11th.  He's got some size on me, and he submitted me quite a few times.  But, I'm very proud to say that I submitted him a few times as well. 

I've gotten quite a few emails asking me questions about my trip, so I thought I'd take a few minutes and answer a few of them.

Why did you refer to your wrestling opponents as Mr. X, Y, and W?  Why not just say their names or handles?

The reason I used letters is that some of the guys would prefer to remain anonymous.  Sure they are on globalfights, and yeah they want to wrestle, but in a blog on the internet you have to be at least a little careful.  And, to all you guys who tried to guess who Mr. X was - I called him Mr. X for a reason.  Privacy.  But yes, he is extremely handsome and yes, there were multiple orgasims.

Weren't you afraid to just meet a stranger and wrestle?  I mean, what if he'd been an ax murderer?

I guess that is always a possibility, although I think ax murdering is a bit "last century."  Don't you every watch Dexter?   Seriously, I know there is a certain amount of danger in these internet hook-ups, but all the guys I met and wrestled were recommended to me by other guys whom I'd met.  So, I felt reasonably safe.  Another side to all this wrestling stuff, however, is the need to over-come your fears.  As gay men, many of us have a fear of physical confrontation.  Even if we fantasize about it, the reality can be daunting and scary.  That might (or might not) explain why I was stood up by two guys.  But for me, I feel that I HAVE to over-come those emotions.  And, after this past weekend, I feel GREAT.

Did you really wrestle?  Or did you just dress in gear and have sex?

On Saturday, I wrestled.  In fact, I would say that I wrestled far harder on Saturday than I had wrestled the previous weekend when I went to the Wrestling Clinic.  Sunday morning I had bruises all over my chest and arms.  I was sore, but undeniably proud.  Mr. W and Mr. Q were both into competitive submission wrestling, and when I hit the mats with one of them, we went all out.  I did not have any sort of sex with Mr. Q (too bad, let me say, I really liked him) but Mr. W seemed to enjoy himself later after we wrestled one last time alone.

My wrestling partners on Friday were a little different but not much.  Mr. X and I did what you would call erotic wrestling.  We started in singlets but then stripped to nothing pretty quickly.  Our matches were more fantasy wrestling than real wrestling - which is good because Mr. X is way stronger than me.  But he's very sexy and hard to resist.  You may interpret that however you like.  Mr. Y was just plain fun.  A cool, funny guy who was perhaps not as skilled as me, but put up a great fight and really loved wrestling.  You could tell by the grin on his face.  We jerked each other off and then had dinner. 

I want to take a wrestling trip like you!  But I'm afraid that I'll travel a long way and no one will wrestle me.

That's always a possibility.  I was stood up twice Thursday.  So the best thing to do is try and establish some contacts with guys before you book.  Ask your friends who are good guys to hook up with and who to avoid.  Book your trip to some place where you can get out and walk, visit stores and restaurants - so if you wind up like me last Thursday, you can entertain yourself.  And be patient, open, reciprocating.  Don't expect people to just come to you.  Rent a car.  Figure out the metro.  Offer to buy them dinner or fill their gas tank.  Be a friend.  But most of all, be brave.  There's a big wonderful community of wrestlers out there.  Go find them.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Trip to Washington is almost Finished!

Saturday was just great. My friend picked me up around nine and he drove me to Alexandria to a friend of his who lived in a nice condo. Downstairs, he had a set of mats and plenty of room for us to wrestle.

mr. W - I think I called him that in my earlier post - is a little heavier than me, but not too much. He was quite muscled with a hairy chest and a brush cut. His arms had several badass looking tattoos and I guess I should have been intimidated. But he was a nice guy and a real challenge to wrestle. I had to bring everything I could to our matches just to keep from getting submitted. We wrestled sub, by the way. I found that the longer I wrestled him, the better I got. At least to a point. Then I was just worn out. I think we wrestled about two hours.

Then we took a rest and a friend of W's came over - let's call him Q. He was primarily a boxer but I thought he had a great body and I wrestled Q over and over. And I held my own with him. He beat me a few times, but I submitted him as well. Man that was fun. I even took a brief boxing lesson from him. What a nice guy.

After Q left, I wrestled Mr. W again and this time it was not contest. I was wiped. he submitted me and I was done There was nothing left to do but count my bruises.

I'll write some more tomorrow. Just now Im really tired and Ive had a few glasses of wine. So, until tomorrow, happy wrestling!

More on my trip to Washington

Day two turned out to be stellar. I wrestled Mr. X in the morning (must respect privacy) and Mr. Y in the evening. My match with Mr. Y was actually sort of set up through a third party. Y and I have a shared friend who hooked us up, so to speak, and so we met. Y was great. he was my size and we were pretty closely matched in strength. I think I had more wrestling experience and therefore dominated him. He may dispute that, but he would be wrong and the only way to prove that would be for us to wrestle again. It must happen!

I'm kidding. He was great. Hansome. Good body. Great personality. We wrestled in the confines of my hotel room on the double bed, him on top and then me on top, over and over. We were covered in sweat and pretty soon we had to strip down and wrestle man to man, if you know what I mean. It was very hot. I haven't been this anxiety free in weeks.

Today Mr. W is coming over from Alexandria to pick me up. We are going to a friend of his' house to wrestle on mats. Mr. W lives in Pennsylvania, a great wrestling state, and he's a good looking guy who is very close to my stats. Later in the day, Mr. Q is coming over to wrestle us. So this should be a good day of wrestling and meeting new guys.

For those of you who've written and asked whoMr. X really is, let's just keep things private. As they say in the Social Network (the movie)the Internet is written in ink.

One last thing. This weekend the US Olympic wrestling team is holding it's team trials in OK City. I want to see Daniel Dennis make the team, Brent Metcalf, and Cael Sanderson. I really like Jake Herbert - he seems like a really nice guy and he's affiliated with Northwestern - but it's gotta be Cael.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Wrestling Trip, continued

Now that's more like it.

After a boring first day with no wrestling, day two is looking up. Mr. X - let's just call him Mr. X - came over to my hotel this morning and we wrestled and wrestled. There was sweat. There were straining muscles. There was gratuitous flexing. There was trash talk. I had a blast.

That, my friends, is why I paid my fifty cents for this roller coaster ride we call life. I wanted some fun. And I got it.

By the way, Mr. X is quite a handsome guy. He looks good in a singlet and out, if you know what I mean.

But even better than all that, he's a nice guy and I had a good time. If my trip had to end right there, it would be fine. But there appears to be more in store.

Friday Morning

First let me apologize for the mis-spellings on yesterday's post. I am writing on an iPad and I find it very difficult to edit my work because I can't figure out how to move the text box around in blogspot. I realize that the iPad was constructed primarily for teenagers and politicians from Alaska who don't care about their spelling, but it bothers me, and I will try to do better.

So, it's Friday and I have not wrestled yet. A drag. Both my opponents failed to show last night but today promises better things. This morning I hope to oil wrestle a guy from Virginia whom I've met and wrestled before. He's good looking, fun to wrestle, and hot. No names! But he's popular on global fight. Last time I wrestled him, he kicked my ass. So wish me luck.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Washington DC Wrestling Trip

Traveling by air is such a tricky business these days. But it's even worse when you find yourself waiting for your plane next to a guy who just wants to talk and talk. And what about? How every time he flies something goes wrong. Me? I typically have good luck. But as he's describing yet another disastrous trip he's endured, our flight is delayed by two hours. Worse, I won't make my connection to DC!

Then it hit me. The guy's a Jonah. I had to heave him overboard. So I did the next best thing, I moved away from him and got in another line.

That worked. American Airlines set me up with Delta, and I was set. Of course I had to go get my tickets and bag all over again, and pass through TSA screening again, but it was a small price to pay for ditching my Jonah.

The rest of the trip went well. I passed the time reading Tina Fey's "Bossypants" and found myself laughing out loud in a very embarrassing way.

So anyway, I made it to dc where I found that my first cancellation awaited. I was all set to wrestle a guy whom I'd wrestled a few months back but he was suddenly called out of town. So, here I am sitting in my hotel room writing and sort of biding my time to see if another guy calls back.

This is how these things go sometimes. Guys call or they don't, they get tied up with work or life or change their mind. But I'm in Washington Dc and I'm not just going to sit here. I'll find somehi to do.

But, OMG, it sure it hot!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Attending a Wrestling Clinic (Cont.)

It's been a busy week, and I really haven't had a lot of time to write.  Sorry about that.  I've been running through the drills I learned this past weekend (on my own) and hitting the gym, all in preparation for my trip back east to wrestle. 

I don't have a lot of time this morning, so let me just say this about the camp I attended.  There were some really hot guys there.  One in particular sticks out in my mind.  He's a big, muscular blonde kid with thick legs and arms - not too tall - and a great face.  To paraphrase Prince - His face was jammin', his body, heck-a-slammin'. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Attending a Wrestling Camp

If you have every looked at a wrestling magazine like say WIN or maybe logged onto Intermat (a website devoted to High School and College wrestling) you will see ads for summer camps that promise to teach kids and adults how to master the take-down, defend from the bottom position and be tough on top.  Jay Robinson, head coach of the University of Minnesota runs a camp that is huge and highly successful.  In fact, most colleges provide a summer camp to hone your skills.

Well, as most of my readers know, I decided that I would attend one of these camps this summer.  I won't say which one or even tell you the state (except to say it's in the south) - I have to be somewhat careful as my boss is a fundamentalist Christian who would fire me if he knew about my gay-wrestling side.  Wrestling is fine.  Don't get me wrong.  It's just the erotic aspect.

Anyway, I signed up and went to it this weekend.  It was quite an experience.  In the first place, I was beyond a doubt the oldest guy there.  Still, I'm not in bad shape and I was able to hang in there through-out.

As is typical with a wrestling or jiu jitsu class, you start out by warming up.  This means stretching, complete with bridging.  Have you ever done any bridging?  It's where you lean forward and arch your back so that your weight rests on your head (with your feet on the mats).  Then you switch and arch your back so you are leaning all the way back so that only your head and feet touch the floor.  This is a basic wrestling move you have to get down.

In my clinic we concentrated on the take-down.  The motion of taking your stance, dropping your level and taking a shot that positions you so that your body is against your opponent's and your hips are "in" - up under you so that you are ready to take the guy off his feet.  Basically we drilled that move over and over for three hours.  Then again on Saturday. 

I have to tell you that this sort of wrestling practice is not sexual.  At least not for me.  It's hard work.  I enjoy it.  I love the close body work.  The laying on of hands and the attempting to move my opponent.  I like all that.  But it's not erotic wrestling in any way.  In fact, I would equate it with American style football.  Without the pussy pads.  I landed several times with forty pounds of muscle slamming into my chest and shoulder.  Yeah, I'm sore.  But it was fun. 

Anyway, more on my experience tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Okay, we're done with Memorial Day.  Now it's Summertime in the South.  That means heat, humidity, bugs, and wrestling.  This coming weekend I'm attending a two-day wrestling clinic that I hope will teach me a lot about take-downs.  I'm looking forward to getting in some single and double-leg take-downs and then applying any new-found knowledge to all my friends who like to wrestle.   Meanwhile I'm hitting the streets running and hitting the gym lifting like a fool.  I hope you guys are keeping in shape.  I'm looking to wrestle everyone of you.