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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Attending a Wrestling Camp

If you have every looked at a wrestling magazine like say WIN or maybe logged onto Intermat (a website devoted to High School and College wrestling) you will see ads for summer camps that promise to teach kids and adults how to master the take-down, defend from the bottom position and be tough on top.  Jay Robinson, head coach of the University of Minnesota runs a camp that is huge and highly successful.  In fact, most colleges provide a summer camp to hone your skills.

Well, as most of my readers know, I decided that I would attend one of these camps this summer.  I won't say which one or even tell you the state (except to say it's in the south) - I have to be somewhat careful as my boss is a fundamentalist Christian who would fire me if he knew about my gay-wrestling side.  Wrestling is fine.  Don't get me wrong.  It's just the erotic aspect.

Anyway, I signed up and went to it this weekend.  It was quite an experience.  In the first place, I was beyond a doubt the oldest guy there.  Still, I'm not in bad shape and I was able to hang in there through-out.

As is typical with a wrestling or jiu jitsu class, you start out by warming up.  This means stretching, complete with bridging.  Have you ever done any bridging?  It's where you lean forward and arch your back so that your weight rests on your head (with your feet on the mats).  Then you switch and arch your back so you are leaning all the way back so that only your head and feet touch the floor.  This is a basic wrestling move you have to get down.

In my clinic we concentrated on the take-down.  The motion of taking your stance, dropping your level and taking a shot that positions you so that your body is against your opponent's and your hips are "in" - up under you so that you are ready to take the guy off his feet.  Basically we drilled that move over and over for three hours.  Then again on Saturday. 

I have to tell you that this sort of wrestling practice is not sexual.  At least not for me.  It's hard work.  I enjoy it.  I love the close body work.  The laying on of hands and the attempting to move my opponent.  I like all that.  But it's not erotic wrestling in any way.  In fact, I would equate it with American style football.  Without the pussy pads.  I landed several times with forty pounds of muscle slamming into my chest and shoulder.  Yeah, I'm sore.  But it was fun. 

Anyway, more on my experience tomorrow.

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