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Monday, June 13, 2011

I Answer Your Questions About My Wrestling Trip to Washington!

That's me on the right above wrestling Mr. W on Saturday, June 11th.  He's got some size on me, and he submitted me quite a few times.  But, I'm very proud to say that I submitted him a few times as well. 

I've gotten quite a few emails asking me questions about my trip, so I thought I'd take a few minutes and answer a few of them.

Why did you refer to your wrestling opponents as Mr. X, Y, and W?  Why not just say their names or handles?

The reason I used letters is that some of the guys would prefer to remain anonymous.  Sure they are on globalfights, and yeah they want to wrestle, but in a blog on the internet you have to be at least a little careful.  And, to all you guys who tried to guess who Mr. X was - I called him Mr. X for a reason.  Privacy.  But yes, he is extremely handsome and yes, there were multiple orgasims.

Weren't you afraid to just meet a stranger and wrestle?  I mean, what if he'd been an ax murderer?

I guess that is always a possibility, although I think ax murdering is a bit "last century."  Don't you every watch Dexter?   Seriously, I know there is a certain amount of danger in these internet hook-ups, but all the guys I met and wrestled were recommended to me by other guys whom I'd met.  So, I felt reasonably safe.  Another side to all this wrestling stuff, however, is the need to over-come your fears.  As gay men, many of us have a fear of physical confrontation.  Even if we fantasize about it, the reality can be daunting and scary.  That might (or might not) explain why I was stood up by two guys.  But for me, I feel that I HAVE to over-come those emotions.  And, after this past weekend, I feel GREAT.

Did you really wrestle?  Or did you just dress in gear and have sex?

On Saturday, I wrestled.  In fact, I would say that I wrestled far harder on Saturday than I had wrestled the previous weekend when I went to the Wrestling Clinic.  Sunday morning I had bruises all over my chest and arms.  I was sore, but undeniably proud.  Mr. W and Mr. Q were both into competitive submission wrestling, and when I hit the mats with one of them, we went all out.  I did not have any sort of sex with Mr. Q (too bad, let me say, I really liked him) but Mr. W seemed to enjoy himself later after we wrestled one last time alone.

My wrestling partners on Friday were a little different but not much.  Mr. X and I did what you would call erotic wrestling.  We started in singlets but then stripped to nothing pretty quickly.  Our matches were more fantasy wrestling than real wrestling - which is good because Mr. X is way stronger than me.  But he's very sexy and hard to resist.  You may interpret that however you like.  Mr. Y was just plain fun.  A cool, funny guy who was perhaps not as skilled as me, but put up a great fight and really loved wrestling.  You could tell by the grin on his face.  We jerked each other off and then had dinner. 

I want to take a wrestling trip like you!  But I'm afraid that I'll travel a long way and no one will wrestle me.

That's always a possibility.  I was stood up twice Thursday.  So the best thing to do is try and establish some contacts with guys before you book.  Ask your friends who are good guys to hook up with and who to avoid.  Book your trip to some place where you can get out and walk, visit stores and restaurants - so if you wind up like me last Thursday, you can entertain yourself.  And be patient, open, reciprocating.  Don't expect people to just come to you.  Rent a car.  Figure out the metro.  Offer to buy them dinner or fill their gas tank.  Be a friend.  But most of all, be brave.  There's a big wonderful community of wrestlers out there.  Go find them.

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