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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Morning

I don't know about you guys, but work is impinging on my personal life a little too much these days. Seems like I'm constantly working when all I want to do is think about wrestling and...of course...wrestle!  It's quite a predicament.  What's a poor boy to do?  Work, of course.  But still.

So, anyway, at least I got to wrestle some this past weekend.  Wrestling that old friend was fun, but for all the sweatin' and strainin' there is always this sense of unresolved sexual tension.  He has such a look on his face when he wrestles.  It's difficult to describe.  Sort of a lecherous sneer that gets more intense when he is in control.  You can tell that he enjoys attempting to control me.  Loves getting on top and trying to put me in a school-boy pin.  I did not let him.  Every time he tried to get into position to pin my arms to the floor with his knees I would bridge out and pitch him forward, then scramble down between his legs.

Yeah, I would let my hand brush his cock and he would jump.  He'd say "Hey!  No fair!" But he didn't seem to really mind. Still, that was as far as we got.  Soon...too soon...he was slumped against an easy chair breathing heavily.  He's not in that great a shape anymore.

So, I've got a match set up for Thursday night, but it seems very iffy.  I really think it will fall through.  Then, I might have a match for this coming Sunday. But again, that seems unlikely to happen because I might have to work.

So, I will continue to work and work out.  And, if I get the chance to wrestle, I'll do it.  Otherwise, I'll just keep on my path of eating right, running and lifting.  As for you guys...have a good day and wrestle hard.     

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