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Saturday, June 11, 2011

More on my trip to Washington

Day two turned out to be stellar. I wrestled Mr. X in the morning (must respect privacy) and Mr. Y in the evening. My match with Mr. Y was actually sort of set up through a third party. Y and I have a shared friend who hooked us up, so to speak, and so we met. Y was great. he was my size and we were pretty closely matched in strength. I think I had more wrestling experience and therefore dominated him. He may dispute that, but he would be wrong and the only way to prove that would be for us to wrestle again. It must happen!

I'm kidding. He was great. Hansome. Good body. Great personality. We wrestled in the confines of my hotel room on the double bed, him on top and then me on top, over and over. We were covered in sweat and pretty soon we had to strip down and wrestle man to man, if you know what I mean. It was very hot. I haven't been this anxiety free in weeks.

Today Mr. W is coming over from Alexandria to pick me up. We are going to a friend of his' house to wrestle on mats. Mr. W lives in Pennsylvania, a great wrestling state, and he's a good looking guy who is very close to my stats. Later in the day, Mr. Q is coming over to wrestle us. So this should be a good day of wrestling and meeting new guys.

For those of you who've written and asked whoMr. X really is, let's just keep things private. As they say in the Social Network (the movie)the Internet is written in ink.

One last thing. This weekend the US Olympic wrestling team is holding it's team trials in OK City. I want to see Daniel Dennis make the team, Brent Metcalf, and Cael Sanderson. I really like Jake Herbert - he seems like a really nice guy and he's affiliated with Northwestern - but it's gotta be Cael.

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