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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Trip to Washington is almost Finished!

Saturday was just great. My friend picked me up around nine and he drove me to Alexandria to a friend of his who lived in a nice condo. Downstairs, he had a set of mats and plenty of room for us to wrestle.

mr. W - I think I called him that in my earlier post - is a little heavier than me, but not too much. He was quite muscled with a hairy chest and a brush cut. His arms had several badass looking tattoos and I guess I should have been intimidated. But he was a nice guy and a real challenge to wrestle. I had to bring everything I could to our matches just to keep from getting submitted. We wrestled sub, by the way. I found that the longer I wrestled him, the better I got. At least to a point. Then I was just worn out. I think we wrestled about two hours.

Then we took a rest and a friend of W's came over - let's call him Q. He was primarily a boxer but I thought he had a great body and I wrestled Q over and over. And I held my own with him. He beat me a few times, but I submitted him as well. Man that was fun. I even took a brief boxing lesson from him. What a nice guy.

After Q left, I wrestled Mr. W again and this time it was not contest. I was wiped. he submitted me and I was done There was nothing left to do but count my bruises.

I'll write some more tomorrow. Just now Im really tired and Ive had a few glasses of wine. So, until tomorrow, happy wrestling!

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