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Saturday, June 25, 2011

New feature: I review popular gay wrestling video sites

The two photos shown above are from a website called  The site is not just about wrestling.  Instead, it's sort of a one-stop shop for all sorts of gay porn.  I did not check out the entire site.  Instead, I spent my time on the wrestling portion to better serve my readers.

The truth is, I've visited this site quite a few times over the years.  It has morphed into a full-on gay porn site recently, but in more recent times, it was specially targeted toward gay wrestling.  Luckily, Chris has not abandoned the wrestling aspect, and you can find a large selection of pictures to peruse (the Galleries) as well as download his generally well-made movies.

Most of the Chris Geary stuff is professionally filmed.  The production values are relatively high and the participants are usually pretty attractive.  In the photos above you can see Chris (the blond) wrestling his (I'm assuming then-boyfriend) Eric.  Both of them are buff and cute, although the wrestling seems sort of stagy - I got the impression that the cute boyfriend was just going along to be nice.

Although Chris provides plenty of video stills and short viewings, you have to go to another site called to subscribe.  The cost is $38.95 (US) per month to see all his movies, not just the wrestling movies. 

I actually like some of these videos.  Chris is attractive and strong, and loves to get guys in backbreakers.  He's also not shy about torturing a guy's cock while he's caught and helpless.  But over-all I would not say that most of the wrestling is very good.  Although Chris seems adept at finding good-looking guys, they rarely have much in the way of wrestling skills.  So, the wrestling is usually sort of perfunctory. 

Is it worth it?  Like any porn site, it depends on if you find the models attractive and the wrestling hot. 


Models:  B+
Wrestling:  C

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