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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Next up...More Wrestling!

I had such a great time in Washington DC that I am determined to keep the wrestling going.  There is a strong possibility that I might have a couple of matches coming up in the next few weeks.  One is with a guy who's written to me quite a few times over the last few years.  We've tried to work out a meeting, but for some reason, things just never pan out.  Schedules.  Work.  Family.  All that non-wrestling stuff that just gets in the way.  (I'm kidding.) 

Hopefully this time we'll meet up.  He's bigger than me, but my confidence is sky-high after Washington, so I'm ready.

There is another guy that I've been wanting to wrestle for a while from a neighboring state who has just written to me and asked to wrestle.  He and I have almost gotten together on at least three occasions.  But, again, schedules with school and work have messed things up.  I am really hoping that this time we get together.  Judging from his profile, I think he'd be a fun wrestle.  Fingers crossed.

Here's hoping everything is going well with all of you.  Keep those emails coming.  I love hearing about your exploits and adventures.  Some of you guys are really taking my advice and over-coming your fears.  Do it.  Get out there, get sweaty, and wrestle hard.

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