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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wrestling and Hygiene

Now that's a hold I could gladly get into.  Trapped by a big stud and forced to cum against my will. 

But I digress.

I wanted to talk a bit today about hygiene.  Please understand, this post is not meant as criticism of anyone or of anyone's tastes.  It is merely meant to explore the topic of how we present ourselves to each other when we wrestle.

First of all, let's just state upfront that everyone has different likes and dislikes.  Some guys like a guy who is sweaty and smells like a man, and some guys can't stand the smell of stale sweat.  Some guys do not like you to wear deodorant.  Others prefer it.  It all depends on your opponent, and these are good things to bring up in a preliminary discussion with a prospective opponent.  What does he like?  What do you like?  If you differ in your tastes, can you compromise?

Here are a few of the things I do when I'm going to meet a guy to wrestle:

1.  I trim my toe nails and fingernails.
2.  I shower.
3.  I do not wear deodorant or perfume.
4.  I shave my chest - even trimming the hair around my nipples (how's that for full disclosure?)
5.  I like to have had my hair cut within the previous few days.  I prefer very short hair - a military cut.
6.  I shave unless I want that day-old stubble look.

I have friends who insist that their opponents shower as soon as they show up.  I don't mind this personally.  A quick shower - especially if it's with my opponent - can be a real turn on.  It also kind of wakes you up and gets you ready.

I also know a guy who hates me to have showered.  He likes me to show up covered in sweat and smelling like a guy.

Body hair is an especially touchy topic.  Some guys like a hairy chest and ass.  I am one of those guys who prefers less hair.  I'm okay with a hairy chest, but hair on the stomach or on the back - or on the shoulders, God-forbid - that's a bit much for me.  Actually, I prefer a guy smooth, but that's not an absolute.  I do like short hair however.  I've never been turned on by really long hair.  I know some pro guys like it, but I prefer a cropped cut.

Trimming the toenails and fingernails is always a good idea.  I got skewered recently in a match; a pretty good cut from a fingernail.  I disinfected it when I got home just in case.  We'd been wrestling on mats and MRSA is always a concern.  [Don't know what MRSA is?  It's a dangerous infection that can be gotten from dirty mats.  Always disinfect yourself when you get a cut or abrasion when wrestling on mats.]

Anyway, what about you guys?  What do you do to prepare for a match?  I know a few of you will say, "Nothing."  I think I've met a few guys who feel that way.  And, let me say "thanks" to each of you for your lack of preparation.  Next time, at least trim your damned nails, dude. 

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