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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Question For You

So, did any of you guys attend the Hillside Wrestling Gathering this year?  If so, I'd really like to hear about your experiences.  I wanted to go, but could not do it.  Primarily because I could not afford to fly up to Pennsylvania.  But I am always thinking about attending - just like I am thinking about attending the Clash in Atlanta.

So, how about?  Who would like to tell me about Hillside, and the Clash?  Either one.

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  1. Have always wanted to get to Hillside or Clash - one of these days I will. But I did get to Wrestlefest in Indiana, PA. It was a 'warm up' to Hillside - taking place 4 days before Hillside. Was great. Mats were set up in a garage and living room. About 20 attendees. Great guys - all of 'em. Varying degrees of experience and skills, ages, and weights. Guys from all over - Cyprus, England, Alabama, Texas, NY, Ohio and of course PA. Highly recommended.