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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thinking of Trying a Testosterone Patch or Cream?

I have a friend who lives in Chicago.  A really nice guy.  A wrestler.  He’s
about 5’10” and 185 pounds.  The last time I was in Chicago, he told me that he
had been using a testosterone cream and that it had given him some gains in his arms and legs. 

He did look a little bigger, although it was hard for me to tell exactly.  I
hadn’t seen him previously for about two months, and I knew that he was working
out like a fiend.  So, was he bigger?  And, if so, was he bigger because of the cream?

I decided that I wanted to know more about testosterone creams and patches.  So I started reading up on the literature.  It seems that patches and creams are intended to address a condition called hypogonadism – or what they call on TV low T.  A male typically loses testosterone as he ages, but some men lose it more quickly – and they lose more of it – causing older men to lose muscle mass and to assume some physical characteristics of women (less deep voice, loss of hair, breast development). 

The creams and patches are intended provide a synthetic replenishment for the loss of testosterone.  They pass the testosterone into your body through contact with the skin.  The reason they have developed a patch is to allow the body to absorb the T slowly over several days or hours – while the cream is meant to be absorbed a lot more quickly.  Both patches and creams have possible side-effects – and they both can affect your female partners (if you’ve got one) or even cause problems for pregnant females whom you may come into contact with.  Have you got a daughter who is pregnant?  Then, I would say that you should think twice about using the patch or the cream.  Also, please read the possible side effects that are listed on the patch or cream – or that are readily available on websites.  And do not take T unless it’s under a doctor’s guidance.

So, can a patch or the cream increase your body size?  It seems that the answer is – no.  Rather the use of a patch or a cream might make you more able to work out.  And might enable you to work out longer.  Low T can cause fatigue and depression.  Use of a patch or a cream might alleviate those symptoms.  But, a T patch or cream is certainly NOT a poor man’s substitute for steroids.  I get the impression that some of my readers think it might be.  As far as I can tell from the reading I’ve done - it isn’t. 

I’m like just about everyone else who wrestles.  I wish I were bigger.  I work
out a lot.  I try to eat right.  But I am still a little guy – at least in comparison to many others.  I weigh right around 145 pounds just now.  Getting up to 150 is a monumental ordeal for me.  I have to ingest tons of protein and food – and it all seems to settle in my gut.  Even if I increase the amount of gym time and the weight I am lifting, it all goes to my stomach.

Here’s what this means to me: I am fated to be 145 pounds.  That’s “my size.” 
What I do with those 145 pounds is up to me, but that’s all I am going to get. 
Any more than that and I will feel bloated.  So, for me, the T patch or cream is
NOT an option.  I intend to accept myself as I am.

And I recommend that you guys accept yourself as well.  That does not mean
accept yourself as 100 pounds over-weight.  What I mean is that you need to find
your ideal weight.  The weight at which your body feels comfortable given that
you are getting a healthy amount of exercise and eating as well as you possibly
can.  That’s where you belong.  For God’s sakes, work out.  Run.  Walk.  Bike. 
Hike.  Do sit-ups.  Wrestle your friends.  Whatever feels right for you.  Do
it.  But don’t try to force yourself into being something that can only be
maintained through drug therapy. 

The whole point is that you want to be here as long as possible.  You’ve only
got so long to live – and so long to wrestle. 

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