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Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, it's August first down south and the heat is rising along with the hard southern cocks.  Some people may think it's too hot to do much of anything this time of year, but I say it's the perfect time to strip down and stand toe-to-toe with a muscled stud and get to some serious yard wrestling.  Yeah, you'll be covered in sweat in mere seconds, and the grass, still a little wet from the early-morning watering, will cling to your back and thighs - but that's no reason not to wrestle your buddy.

Or if that just won't do, find a darkened room where the window unit is droning on and on, and do some bed wrestling.  Feel those massive legs work their way around your mid-section and then squeeze.  Clamp on a nelson and make your buddy squeak.  Wrestle naked and let your tight balls and hard cock press up against a muscled-back or a well-toned ass.  Then look up into the mirror and see the both of you, struggling, your muscles clearly defined. 

I have not heard back from Max Anderson.  Several people have written to offer encouragement and hints as to his whereabouts - turns out he's quite a bit bigger than me.  Like six foot something and around 185.  That's about forty pounds heavier than me.  I don't care.  I still want to wrestle him.

The pictures are from a new video site I came across (no pun intended) this weekend called Rock Hard Wrestling.  I'm guessing a lot of my readers are familiar with the site.  The wrestlers look pretty hot - lots of defined muscles and the wrestling looks real - although it is pretty much pro-oriented. 

These pictures illustrate the type of match I want with Max.  I'd like to wrestle him in a ring, but with submission rules.  No boots. Just bikini briefs.  Maybe even in oil.  I realize that he's bigger and younger, and would probably kick my ass - but I don't care.  I still want a shot.  I want to try and beat him.  That's the point.  To see if I can even get him off his feet and onto the mats.  Once there, I think I'm strong enough and skilled enough to give him some trouble.  But we'll see.

One guy wrote me this weekend with an amazingly blunt assessment of my chances of wrestling Max - or anyone even remotely like Max.



He mentioned that I was not particularly attractive and that I was not even in really great shape.  He told me that someone like Max would not want to wrestle me because I was not in his league. 

Now, I suppose I could have gotten a little down about that.  I am para-phrasing what the guy said - it was a lot less nice in the email.  But I refuse to let some anonymous dude on the internet get me down.  So I may not look like a movie star.  So I may not be built like a professional wrestler.  I don't care.  I'm in better shape than a lot of guys.  And I have not noticed that animals or small children recoil in horror at the site of my face.  So, screw you anonymous dude.  I remain steadfast in my desire to wrestle.  And, if I don't wrestle Max, I'll find someone else.

And, in the meantime, I will continue to try and eat right, work out, and prepare myself to hit the mats.  As for you guys out there - keep at it, too!  And if you get a chance to wrestle, wrestle...hard!


  1. I can't imagine what your anonymous guy hopes to accomplish by attacking your self-esteem and judging your fitness to wrestle Max Anderson--even if he were to express his points nicely. I'm happy that his insults don't stick to you. They're really not worth taking seriously. I like to think of wrestlers and lovers of wrestling as real men, healthily close to their bodies and their egos, mature and virile, so I am still surprised to find some of them to be the same finicky, whinging, and nasty little shits one sees in other areas of interest.

  2. Doubt that any REAL wrestler would kick you out for "eating crackers on the mat"!