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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Guys I Want to Wrestle

I'm not sure if I have a type or not, but I do think it's fair to say that I like short guys.  They don't have to be real muscular, but that certainly helps.  For instance, among college wrestlers, I would really like to wrestle Brad Pataki, a guy who wrestled for Penn State until this past year - when he graduated.

Brad looks like a kid, though, doesn't he?  He's not.  And he's one of the better wrestlers in the country, so I know he'd kick my sorry ass.  But...still. 

Another college wrestler I'd like to get my hands on is Zach Sanders, a stand-out at Minnesota, who I would love to see win an NCAA but who probably never will because of Matt McDonough at Iowa.  Here's a picture of Zach.  He's on the left getting some hapless dude in a headlock.

If I were to cast my net a bit wider, I'd say that I would like to wrestle Kevin Connolly, from the HBO TV show Entourage.  I think he'd be a tough opponent and he seems to be in decent shape, although I could not find a photo of him shirtless.

I would also like a chance to throw down with Larenz Tate from Rescue Me.  He's a little stud and I'm sure would be tough to pin, but I don't care.  I wanna try.  Below, you can see him all ready to  box.  Nice build, eh?

Another dude I think needs to strip down and take me on is Marshall Allman, Tommy, from True Blood.   I know, a lot of you guys prefer Sam or Bill or Eric, but I think Tommy would be fun to wrestle one hot afternoon in the backyard.  We'd both start in just a pair of jeans.  Then things would get a little frisky.

How about B.D. Wong?

James Kyson Lee, from the primo-lame-o Heroes?

Yeah, now that would be fun to wrestle.  Jesus, he's got some fine abs, yeah? 

Okay, okay, I told myself I would not indulge in this sort of teen fantasy wish-I-could-wrestle-but-he's-too-famous shit.  But I'm working and it's about two in the morning (waiting on a program to complete its run) so what else is there for me to do?  Care to share your secret actor-crush?  Send me an email and tell me who you'd like to get all sweaty with on the mats.   Just keep in mind, it's late.  So please, no one say Kevin James.


  1. Hi

    Would love to see zac efron in a wrestling match the dude is really ripped now. Would you like to wrestle him? Think you could pin him?

  2. Fuck yes, on both counts