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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Humiliation Part II

Another scenario that I find extremely exciting is the idea of a hero who wins and wins, but finally wrestles a match where he is beaten and humiliated in front of a crowd of on-lookers.  This past year, in college wrestling, I got to see just that scenario.  The guy in the photo above is David Taylor, a sophomore (last year) from Penn State - okay, I guess that's sort of obvious.  David was an outstanding high school wrestler, and in his first year of competing at the college level he won match after match. 

It was amazing to me, watching David win his matches.  I went to Chicago over last winter and watched him wrestle at Northwestern University during the Big Ten Tournament.  David out-wrestled everyone he met on the mats.  I was increasingly worried about him - wondering if he'd be able to keep the momentum going.  And, in his match with Derrick St. John, a tough wrestler from Iowa, David looked to be in trouble.  He almost got turned over and pinned in the first period, but he righted himself in time and won.

I then went to the NCAA Championships in Philadelphia.  There, I knew David would be up against St. John again, as well as Bubba Jenkins, a tough wrestler from Arizona State that David had not had to wrestle yet during the year.  Bubba has a history with Penn State and with David.  He'd wrestled for Penn State the previous few years and had worked out a lot with David Taylor.  He knew David's moves, and he was stronger than David.  But, Bubba ran foul of Head Coach Cael Sanderson and transferred to Arizona State.  So, when David defeated St. John again, the finals match was between Cael Sanderson's undefeated boy-wonder and a disgruntled and angry Bubba Jenkins who - we all knew - intended to humiliate David in front of a national audience. 

The question was: could he do it?

During the first period, David was not his usual self.  He did not press the attack and seemed to be holding back.  Jenkins was the aggressor, going in for single and double legs, but David was intent on escaping.  Then, just as the second period got started, Bubba (who had taken the top position) clamped on a cradle and before my astonished eyes, David Taylor was turned over and pinned right there in front of a national audience and - of course - his coach Cael Sanderson.  Jenkins had gotten his revenge.

The themes that emerge from this story - the innocent looking young champion winning victory after victory, the revenge-driven former teammate looking to humiliate and debase, the crowd of anxious on-lookers - all figure into a recurring sexual fantasy of mine in which I am fated to wrestle someone who I should beat - who everyone expects me to beat - but who turns the tables and humiliates me in front of my friends and fans.  I am sure that David Taylor derived no sexual pleasure from being beaten, but in my own fantasy world, I thought it was an amazing story.

So, what about you guys?  What sort of scenario turns you on? 


  1. wow i totally agree with you. In fact, I wish I lived in the USA so I could follow college wrestling. I would cheer for the best looking wrestler and would love to see him get defeated at some point!
    Could you please recommend some blogs or sites where I can keep up to date with college wrestling? Pics, videos, etc?

  2. exact scenario i am into man. my cousin defeated me wrestling when we were having a sleepover, that was after years of me physically dominating him. while he had me pinned he ripped my shirt off and used it to control my arms above my head then he pulled down my shorts and jock and proceeded to empty my hairless balls while he pumped my mouth with his hard cock. he tickled my pits and told me at 15 i should have opit hair and obviously i was a lesser man. loved that scenario always gets me hard.