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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm guessing you guys are a lot like me, in that sometimes you become fixated on an actor for no easily discernible reason.  One object of my fascination is an actor named Michael David-Stahl, perhaps not the most well-known dude in Hollywood, but one that caught my eye a while back.  And, as you might be able to guess, I want to wrestle him.

Michael is probably best known for his part in Cloverfield, the J.J. Abrams monster flick from a few years back.  Michael's character, Rob, really got to me for some reason and he's stuck in my head even years later. 

The picture above (yes, he's on the right) is from a very-short-lived TV series called My Generation.  I saw a few episodes on my ipad (the show was canceled after one or two episodes) and it wasn't very good.  Worse, I didn't really like Michael's character too much.  But, you can see that he cleans up pretty well, and can pass for a high school senior.  Never a bad thing in a potential wrestling partner.

I am under the impression that he lives in Chicago, and since I travel to Chicago fairly often, I think that if any of you guys know Michael or have seen him in Chicago, you should let him know that I'm ready to wrestle him when I come up.  Just a friendly match.  Nothing too competitive.  Unless he likes competitive. 

I have no idea where the image above came from.  It looks like Michael tripped and fell into the eighties.  Maybe a Michael Mann production with a soundtrack dominated by synthesizers and a drum-machine?  Perhaps I could offer to help him up and out of that suit?  Or maybe he's doing his Toby Macguire impersonation?  

So, anyway, help me out here guys.  If you see this guy at a bar or at the gym, tap him on the shoulder and point him to my blog.  Meanwhile, where is that Max Anderson?  He's dodging me. 

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