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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pic from this Weekend's Match

Here is a photo of me and my bud from Texas doing a little flexing.  I think this photo demonstrates what I was saying about our relative size.  He and I are so perfectly matched when it comes to height and weight that it makes a match with him incredibly exciting.

Here is an action shot with the two of us on the mats going at it. 

I've had a few emails from friends saying that they thought my description of the match was a little effusive - that I sounded like I like this guy.  And, I do.  I admit it.  I understand that he lives in another state, and that he has a life, but I have to admit that I enjoyed wrestling with him.  So I was excited.  I can't help it.  I hope I get to wrestle him again.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Weekend Comes to a Close

The art work above is from a blog I found out about from reading Rants Roids and Rasslin' - another blog that I dearly love.  The drawing is by a guy named Kalabro (or I assume that's his name) and I have added a link to his blog here on my website.  You should check it out.  The art work is great although it does have a strong S&M bent.

Anyway, what a great weekend it was.  My buddy from Texas came up and he and I wrestled on Saturday afternoon.  It was an absolute blast.  We oil wrestled, and let me tell you, this friend of mine is built.  Seeing him gleaming with oil was such an enormous turn on that I was hard for like two hours before we finally got around to finishing things off.  We are so evenly matched in terms of size (I think he's stronger than me) that it was a real turn on.  I wish it did not have to end.

I mean, we all have those fantasies about who we'd really like to wrestle and how those matches might go.  I got to live one of my fantasies out.  We put a tarp down and oiled each other up.  Just feeling each others' bodies was a real high, but then we got down to the tarp and started wrestling.  My God, it was great. 

That is how I wish my life was - all the time!  I know, we all have to work.  We have to engage in the world.  We cannot just ensconce ourselves in some hyper-sexual world where we're constantly on the edge of cumming.  But it sure it fun to try!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share from the match.  We took a lot.  If it's okay with him, I will post a few of them here.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still Alive

Sorry it took me a bit to post.  It's been a busy week.  And, I would like to thank everyone who wrote in and expressed their concern for my safety.  Thank you, but I've still in one piece. 

This week in wrestling has been extremely up and down.  At one point, it looked like I might get to wrestle twice on Wednesday--once in the morning and once at night.  But as usually happens, everything pretty much fell apart.  There was a guy who was coming to town who had contacted me and asked that I meet him Wednesday morning before work.  I agreed, cleared my schedule, and got ready.  But then Tuesday afternoon, he sent me a text saying he was not coming.  Like a dope, I threw my phone in my backpack and went to wrestling practice - and never took the phone back out.  So, when he texted me later that evening to say that he COULD meet me, it was too late.  So, I missed out on that.

But I did get to wrestle Wednesday night.  An old friend of mine came to town and we got together for a while last night.  Maybe some of you know him: Grizz from St. Louis.  He is such a nice guy - I've traveled with him to Philadelphia and wrestled with him for a few years.  He's quite a bit bigger than me (around seventy pounds heavier) but he knows how to dial it down for a smaller guy.  We had a great time.

Now, what about the guy I was going to wrestle who I was worried about?  I've spoken to him several times, set up a couple of meetings, but he's apparently got a lot going on right now, so we have not met yet.  I am assuming that we will at some point, but I have no idea when, just now.  So, stay tuned.

I hope you guys are wrestling.  I'm working out, running and drilling just about every day and I'm ready to take some hot guy on.  Texas: you know who I mean. 

So, everyone, wrestle hard!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Classic Conundrum

So, I got this email a while back from a guy who lives back east.  He tells me that he's getting ready to relocate back to my state.  He loves to wrestle (like me) and he'll have his own place with mats.  It sounds great, doesn't it?  I think I may have mentioned this guy in an earlier post. 

Well, he arrived in town and he sent me his phone number, so I called him.  As soon as we spoke I realized that this was a guy I wrestled many years ago.  He used to live in my area, had mats.  In fact, he was the absolutely first guy I ever wrestled off of  The bad news is that when I wrestled him oh-so-many years ago, he actually hurt me pretty bad.

I have only rarely been hurt wrestling a guy.  Sometimes I've gotten an elbow to the eye or a knee to the head.  Once or twice I've come close to spraining a finger, a toe, or a thumb.  But that guy got me in a body scissors and just did not know when to stop.  Even as I tapped out. 

So, here I am, years later and he wants to wrestle me again.  Should I wrestle him? 

I can't decide.

I've spoken on this blog several times about having a spider-sense about whether you should wrestle a guy or not, and I have to admit my spider-sense is tingling (Marvel Comics, 'nuff said).  But I feel like I'm a far better wrestler than I was then, and I also feel that if I speak to him, plainly, about my misgivings before we wrestle, I can figure out if he's a danger or not. 

So, essentially, I'm saying that I'm going to violate my own rule. 

Why?  That's a good question.  I guess I really want to wrestle, and I want to see if I am better able to handle this guy this time around.  I just hope I'm not making some awful mistake. 

I guess I'll let you know.  And if I never post again, you'll know that he killed me.  (Kidding!)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

I realize that this is a somber anniversary, and I am well aware of the significance of the ten-year anniversary, but I think I will leave each of you to commemorate the day in your own way and with your own emotions.  So, turning to far more hedonistic pursuits, let's talk about me and what's going on.

I did not go see Warrior, the Tom Hardy MMA movie that opened this weekend.  It has gotten good reviews, so there was no particular reason for me not to go.  But I didn't and here is the reason I did not.  I think it would have just made me really horny and I was not interested in emerging from the dark womb of a theater and having no one to wrestle.  I thought it would be too much. So I decided to  wait and see the movie later in the privacy of my own home when I can give it my undivided attention.  And yes, that is a euphemism. 

I did not get to wrestle with my extremely hot friend from Texas.  More's the pity.  But I did get to see him on Friday and we ate lunch together.  He is such a cool guy.  I really like him -  I mean, I like being around him.  Not only is he great to just look at, he's a good conversationalist.  Of course, having lunch with him was sort of a mistake.  It took up much of my lunch hour so we had to have speed-sex in my kitchen before he headed home and I scurried to make a meeting with a client.  Still, it was nice to be able to re-purpose my kitchen space.

I got an email from the guy who told me a while back that he was moving to my town.  He is the guy who told me he was moving here and had mats.  He said he'd be here either today or tomorrow, so I am wondering if that will actually happen and he will actually have a place to wrestle and have mats.  I remain hopeful, as always. 

So, anyway, I need to sign off and get back to work (yes, I'm working on Sunday).  I hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend and if you wrestle, do it like I do it...wrestle hard.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Weekend Approaches

Well, another week has just about come and gone, and I'm hoping that I have a wrestling match set up tomorrow night with a guy I know from Texas.  He's super hot and I've wrestled him before, so I really can't wait.  I hope it works out.  I plan on bringing my camera along this time so there should be some photos to share (discrete photos of course) not like the one above! 

That was taken by a friend of mine during a match a week or so ago.  The time stamp on the pic is not correct.  It was a fun match.  I suppose the pose you see above is my pensive pose.  I didn't really know that I had one!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Before Labor Day Weekend

That's me in the photo above, flexing my guns (such as they are) and putting the hurt on scissormenow, a friend of mine who came up from Florida and wrestled me last week.  He's a really cool guy and a lot of fun to wrestle.  He has about forty pounds on me, but I'm in pretty good shape these days and ready to wrestle.

I've been really hitting the gym a lot this summer.  Most weeks I work out at least four times, and I run two miles each morning before work, and do two hundred weighted crunches (with a thirty pound ball on my chest).  I'm actually a little shocked at the amount of definition I show in the picture above.  But, then I'd been wrestling for about an hour when this photo was taken, and that is a lot like any work-out - it really pumps you up.

The weekend promises to be sort of iffy.  I have a funeral to attend tomorrow.  Sunday my relatives are coming over and I will be grilling out for them.  Otherwise, I intend to do a lot of writing.  I'm in the middle of writing the first draft of my second novel.  I'm hoping to have it completed by next summer.  But there are a lot of things that might get in the way: work will be very intense over the next year, and I'm volunteering to help coach my old high school's wrestling team.  Now you know why it takes me a day or two to post sometimes!

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!  I hope you get to spend time with loved ones and friends, and I hope you get to wrestle.  And if you do, wrestle...hard!