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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Classic Conundrum

So, I got this email a while back from a guy who lives back east.  He tells me that he's getting ready to relocate back to my state.  He loves to wrestle (like me) and he'll have his own place with mats.  It sounds great, doesn't it?  I think I may have mentioned this guy in an earlier post. 

Well, he arrived in town and he sent me his phone number, so I called him.  As soon as we spoke I realized that this was a guy I wrestled many years ago.  He used to live in my area, had mats.  In fact, he was the absolutely first guy I ever wrestled off of  The bad news is that when I wrestled him oh-so-many years ago, he actually hurt me pretty bad.

I have only rarely been hurt wrestling a guy.  Sometimes I've gotten an elbow to the eye or a knee to the head.  Once or twice I've come close to spraining a finger, a toe, or a thumb.  But that guy got me in a body scissors and just did not know when to stop.  Even as I tapped out. 

So, here I am, years later and he wants to wrestle me again.  Should I wrestle him? 

I can't decide.

I've spoken on this blog several times about having a spider-sense about whether you should wrestle a guy or not, and I have to admit my spider-sense is tingling (Marvel Comics, 'nuff said).  But I feel like I'm a far better wrestler than I was then, and I also feel that if I speak to him, plainly, about my misgivings before we wrestle, I can figure out if he's a danger or not. 

So, essentially, I'm saying that I'm going to violate my own rule. 

Why?  That's a good question.  I guess I really want to wrestle, and I want to see if I am better able to handle this guy this time around.  I just hope I'm not making some awful mistake. 

I guess I'll let you know.  And if I never post again, you'll know that he killed me.  (Kidding!)


  1. Just let him know your misgivings up front and that you want to be assured there is not a repeat of last time.

  2. Clearly set the rules. The first time he violates....pack up and go!