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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pic from this Weekend's Match

Here is a photo of me and my bud from Texas doing a little flexing.  I think this photo demonstrates what I was saying about our relative size.  He and I are so perfectly matched when it comes to height and weight that it makes a match with him incredibly exciting.

Here is an action shot with the two of us on the mats going at it. 

I've had a few emails from friends saying that they thought my description of the match was a little effusive - that I sounded like I like this guy.  And, I do.  I admit it.  I understand that he lives in another state, and that he has a life, but I have to admit that I enjoyed wrestling with him.  So I was excited.  I can't help it.  I hope I get to wrestle him again.


  1. Great Photos. Like when two men are evenly matched; both of you look to have duplicate physiques and stature. Please post more photos. Both of you are two hot men!

  2. Great photos. Nothing hotter than two men who are evenly matches in stature and physiques. The two of you look like poetry in motion. I certainly can understand why you would like him. So continue to stay excited;especially if you click. Hope you post more action shots.

  3. great photos! It seems like you both share some good chemistry on the mat. Continue to wrestle when the opportunity presents itself. Nothing like two evenly matched men going at it! Hope you post more photos of the match.

  4. sorry for seemingly duplicate posts; wasn't sure if the first or second comment actually made it to the post.