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Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

I realize that this is a somber anniversary, and I am well aware of the significance of the ten-year anniversary, but I think I will leave each of you to commemorate the day in your own way and with your own emotions.  So, turning to far more hedonistic pursuits, let's talk about me and what's going on.

I did not go see Warrior, the Tom Hardy MMA movie that opened this weekend.  It has gotten good reviews, so there was no particular reason for me not to go.  But I didn't and here is the reason I did not.  I think it would have just made me really horny and I was not interested in emerging from the dark womb of a theater and having no one to wrestle.  I thought it would be too much. So I decided to  wait and see the movie later in the privacy of my own home when I can give it my undivided attention.  And yes, that is a euphemism. 

I did not get to wrestle with my extremely hot friend from Texas.  More's the pity.  But I did get to see him on Friday and we ate lunch together.  He is such a cool guy.  I really like him -  I mean, I like being around him.  Not only is he great to just look at, he's a good conversationalist.  Of course, having lunch with him was sort of a mistake.  It took up much of my lunch hour so we had to have speed-sex in my kitchen before he headed home and I scurried to make a meeting with a client.  Still, it was nice to be able to re-purpose my kitchen space.

I got an email from the guy who told me a while back that he was moving to my town.  He is the guy who told me he was moving here and had mats.  He said he'd be here either today or tomorrow, so I am wondering if that will actually happen and he will actually have a place to wrestle and have mats.  I remain hopeful, as always. 

So, anyway, I need to sign off and get back to work (yes, I'm working on Sunday).  I hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend and if you wrestle, do it like I do it...wrestle hard.

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