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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Weekend Comes to a Close

The art work above is from a blog I found out about from reading Rants Roids and Rasslin' - another blog that I dearly love.  The drawing is by a guy named Kalabro (or I assume that's his name) and I have added a link to his blog here on my website.  You should check it out.  The art work is great although it does have a strong S&M bent.

Anyway, what a great weekend it was.  My buddy from Texas came up and he and I wrestled on Saturday afternoon.  It was an absolute blast.  We oil wrestled, and let me tell you, this friend of mine is built.  Seeing him gleaming with oil was such an enormous turn on that I was hard for like two hours before we finally got around to finishing things off.  We are so evenly matched in terms of size (I think he's stronger than me) that it was a real turn on.  I wish it did not have to end.

I mean, we all have those fantasies about who we'd really like to wrestle and how those matches might go.  I got to live one of my fantasies out.  We put a tarp down and oiled each other up.  Just feeling each others' bodies was a real high, but then we got down to the tarp and started wrestling.  My God, it was great. 

That is how I wish my life was - all the time!  I know, we all have to work.  We have to engage in the world.  We cannot just ensconce ourselves in some hyper-sexual world where we're constantly on the edge of cumming.  But it sure it fun to try!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share from the match.  We took a lot.  If it's okay with him, I will post a few of them here.


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