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Monday, November 7, 2011

Chicago Trip Day One

Sorry no pictures but I'm working off my iPad. Well, I arrived in Chicago yesterday and promptly got to wrestle an old friend of mine named Northsider. Some of you guys may know him. I think he is a really nice, handsome guy. In fact, Ive always had a hard on for this guy because of his build which is very muscular and his personality, which is very mild mannered and kind.

Unfortunately, I did not do real well against him. Northsider is very competitive and strong and I have beaten him only once.That was last summer.I lost all three matches yesterday.A bit of a drag, but likeI said,he's a cool guy and loads of fun the wrestle.

Tonight Iam supposed to wrestle another guy from here in town.He's roughly my size but Northsider tells me he's really tough. I hope I can at least hold my own. More tomorrow!

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