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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Recap of the Past Week

Did anyone see that picture of Jonathon Lipnicki, the little round-headed kid from Jerry McGuire, on the internet this past week?  He's all grown up and all bowed up, looking tough with his shirt off.  He does jui jitsu, which means he's into getting down on the mats with another dude. 

The picture above is not Jonathon.  Instead, that's me last Monday night just before I wrestled a guy from Chicago.  Could I take Jonathon?  I say, yes.  But then who knows?

Here's that picture of Lipnicki:

I wrestled three times in Chicago--Sunday afternoon, Monday night, and then again Tuesday.  Sunday's match was tough.  Real competitive.  I had some bruises and scrapes from that one, and I lost all three of the matches I had that afternoon.  I was doing okay during one of them, but I still wound up getting pinned.    Still, the guy I wrestled is such a nice guy.  He's an old friend, and let me tell you, he looks mighty hot.  Hairy chest.  Muscular.  Just a real stud.  But I want to beat him.  I did once last summer but I need to do it again.  Oh well.

Then on Monday night I wrestled another guy.  He was amazing also.  When he walked in the door I noted that he had califlower ears - he'd been doing a lot of wrestling over the years.  He looked tough.  Dark complexioned.  Muscular.  Really short hair.  We wrestled for quite a while.  It was not quite so competitive.  More give and take - which I really enjoyed.  Tough but very sexual.  Unfortunately, at one point my ear took a direct hit and I bled like crazy.  Didn't hurt but wow what a lot of blood.  Still, we sopped it up and continued. 

I really want to wrestle that guy again, and if I return to Chicago, I hope I will.

Then on Tuesday I wrestled another guy.  He was much smaller than me.  5'4"  11 pounds.  I wasn't sure how much I should throw into the match.   He was so much smaller than me and he appeared to have very little experience.  Still, we rolled around for a while and then had dinner together.  He was a nice guy.  A student.  So, all-in-all, not a bad experience.

So, now I'm back home and it appears that I will be back in Chicago before Christmas.  I hope I get to do some more wrestling when I go.

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