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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out With 2011

The picture above is from a video that can be found at  I think that web site has some of the best looking guys in their videos.  I especially like Trent Novak, a guy who is really cut and just looks like someone who would be a blast to wrestle.  Here's a picture of Trent.

Anyway, here we are in the final moments of the old year.  I was pretty lucky this morning.  I got to wrestle a guy who lives here in town.  I haven't had a match in quite a few weeks, so when I got the email from Mr. I asking me to come over, I was up and ready to go. 

He's about 210 pounds, 5'7", 15 inch arms (maybe bigger) - so he's a little big for me, but my God he's fun to wrestle.  What a stud and I crawl all over him in every match we have.  He made me tap out twice, but I got him once.

I think I'm pretty fortunate to have him here in town.  He lives relatively close by.  He has his own house with a room that is convertible into a wrestling room.  And he's a nice guy.  I would like to take some pictures of the two of us wrestling some day, but he's under the impression that he's a little over weight right now (he looks great) - so maybe some day.

I hope you guys are getting to wrestle.  I live for it, and every time I come home from a match, I feel so alive.

Here's wishing you a happy, safe, and wrestle-ful New Year.  I hope all your wrestling dreams come true.  See ya in 2012.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plans for the Coming Year

So, it's almost a new year.  And, I guess it's time to settle on some resolutions, right? 


This year resolve to have no resolutions.  What good does it do you to plan on getting more exercise?  On running twenty miles a week?  On joining a gym?  You've been down that road before and where has it gotten you? 

Making resolutions.  Again.

Instead of marking the new year by deciding to change, instead, decide that today you will do something.  Get out of the house, walk, run, ride a bike.  Too cold?  Do crunches, sit-up, push-ups.  Can't do more than three push-ups?  Do three push-ups.  Rest an hour.  Do three more.  Rest an hour.  Do three more.

This year, we work.  Not just at the job, but everywhere in our lives.  Dan Gable, the great college wrestler, once said that there is no problem that can't be fixed through hard work, and he's right.  There is nothing in your life that cannot be turned around.  All you need to do is work.  Clean your house.  Take out the garbage.  Shovel the snow.  Get your car serviced.  Pay your bills.  Work, dude.  That's what made America great and that's what will solve ALL of your problems. 

Are you over-weight?  Then work.  Work to get it off.  Throw away the food that is bad for you and only buy food that is good for you.  Run. Walk.  Ride a bike.  Run in place.  Work, dude.  Now.

Are you wasting whole days in front of the TV or PC?  Turn it off.  Mop the floor.  Dust your belongings.  Just get up and move. 

Are you depressed?  Stand up.  Force yourself to stand up, right now.  Now, walk from one end of your apartment or home to the other.  Again.  Do it again.  Now once more.  Keep moving.  Work.  It won't solve your depression (I know, I've been there) but it will help. 

So, 2012?  Not the year of the rat or the dog, but the year of WORK.  Hard work.  Work that makes you sweat like a man, like a whole person.  Work that will change your life and make you - well, you. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22nd

I don't know how the weather is where you guys are, but where I live it's dark and cold and rainy. 

I'm off work today, and I really don't have anything in particular I need to do.  The Christmas presents are bought and wrapped.  The tree is up.  The house is reasonably clean.

So, what should I do to fill up my day?

Well, I suppose I could jerk off all day, but that is NOT what I'm going to do.  Instead, I am going to work out.  But, before I get started I need a little inspiration. I need some jock dude to serve as an example, a guiding light, a shining star by which I will navigate my sweaty self to a higher plain of physical consciousness.

I choose Frank Molinaro of Penn State's wrestling team.  Frank was runner up last year at the NCAAs.  He lost to Kyle Dake of Cornell, but that does not blunt my unweavering admiration for Frank.  Not in the least.  Here's a look at Frank - the Gorilla-Hulk (that's what they call him).

He looks huge doesn't he?  Well, he's not.  I doubt Frank is any taller than 5'6".  He weighs 157 pounds.  So this is no monster linebacker type fella.  Instead, this is a sawed-off stud who looks pretty damned hot in a singlet.  And, here's Frank without a shirt.

Okay, there's the inspiration.  Now, what do I do with it?  Well, I'm stuck in the house so here is what I plan to accomplish:

Run on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

100 Push-ups

100 Pull-ups (I have a pull-up bar in a door frame)

100 crunches with a thirty-pound weight on my chest

Three sets of over-head presses with 30-pound weights

Three sets of front raises (twenty-pound weights)

Three sets of lateral raises (twenty-pond weights)

My point in all this is NOT to brag about my work-out.  It is, instead, to demonstrate to you that even if you are stuck in the house, you can work out.  Okay, you don't have a pull-up bar, so - do push-ups.  You don't have a treadmill?  Run in place with knees up high.  You can do it, dudes.  Don't wait until New Year's Day to begin a new routine.  Do it, NOW.

And if you lack inspiration, just think about Frank. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 - An Overview of the Best...and the Worst

2011 is coming to a close and in spite of the fact that the end of the year has been a bit over-shadowed by work, it has been a great year for wrestling.  I mean, for me, personally, getting to wrestle.  Sitting here on this cold, gray morning, I decided that it would be a good time to look back on all the guys I've wrestled this past year and mark the highs, and the lows of those encounters.  Amazingly, I've had very few lows. 

Starting way back in January when a "Green Hornet" movie still seemed like it might be a good idea, I got my first taste of wrestling in the second week of the year wrestling with my good friend Mr. A in Chicago.  It was a cold trip up north, but I was kept warm on his mats and in the gym, working out, flexing, and wrestling.  That, my friends, was a definite high. 

About a week later I wrestled Mr. J here in my hometown.  He's a really nice guy.  Much younger than me, but sort of heavy.  He looks like Harry Potter.  Wrestling is maybe a bit of a stretch here.  He was actually far more interested in sex - and sort of bondage sex at that.  I tried to be a good sport, but in the words of Margaret Cho - "This is just not me."

February came along, bleak and cold.  I did not wrestle anyone the whole month, but I watched a lot of wrestling on TV - and by wrestling, I mean college wrestling.  Big Ten Network.  I was especially interested in watching David Taylor from Penn State.  He made it all the way to the end of February without a loss.   Here's David:

 In March I got to wrestle my friend in Chicago again and went on a long trip to Philly to watch the NCAA's.  I had an outrageously great time.  I wrestled several guys in Philly - me wrestling every evening while every day I watched college wrestling live with my good buddy and wrestling friend the Grizz from St. Louis.  At one point I got to wrestle two guys at one time - both of them were very close to my size and build - and I had such a great time.  That was a wonderful trip.  I'm headed to St. Louis in March of 2012 to watch the NCAA championships again.  The only bad thing about Philly was watching David Taylor get pinned in the finals by Bubba Jenkins.  That was a shock, let me tell you.

In April I wrestled one time, again with Mr. J from here in town.  May was sort of barren as well.  Although I did wrestle Mr. T (not the Mr. T) - a guy from the southern part of my state.  Although he professed to be straight, we had a good match.  He was quite a bit bigger than me, but I still gave him a hard time.

June was another great month.  I flew to Washington DC and wrestled guys every day.  Probably the best thing about that trip was meeting M, a now-close friend of mine.  We wrestled and then had dinner.  Since then we've stayed in touch.  I also  got to wrestle some of the guys from the DC area and that was great, too.  They had a friend who let us borrow his basement and mats - and we wrestled all morning one day. 

July introduced me to Mr. G, a guy from Texas who drove up and wrestled me.  He is my size and extremely hot.  We had the best time wrestling.  I want to wrestle him over and over again, but distance and time make it difficult.  Below is a picture of the two of us going at it. 

August I wrestled Mr. G again and, later in the month, a guy whom I'd wrestled years before.  We spent one Saturday morning wrestling and taking pictures.

The rest of the year saw my wrestling sort of fall off.  I did wrestle a guy here in town a month ago - Mr. I - who was really hot and fun to wrestle.  Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be available very often.  Too bad.

The new year coming up has some promise, but I expect work to be very intense and for me to have to work a lot of overtime hours.  I'm off right now, but oddly have not been able to scare up a match.  So, I'm running and working out and preparing for the holiday.  I hope you guys have a great Christmas and New Years, and I hope to see you sometime in 2012! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Holidays

Work, work, work.  That's all I do is work.

Well, not exactly.  I got a chance to wrestle this morning - sort of out-of-the-blue.  A guy who has been on global for years but who has not responded to messages suddenly showed up and wanted to wrestle.  I had never wrestled the guy before, so I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting into.  But I wound up having a great time.

This fella, let's call him Mr. I - lives by himself and has a room that he can dedicate to wrestling.  He's built.  Stocky and muscular (the way I like 'em) and really a nice guy.  Although he's heavier than me, we wrestled for quite a while this morning and had a great time at it.  He really knows how to keep a match going, applying holds and releasing, and letting me do the same.

Even better, he wants to try and arrange a monthly or even weekly get-together for guys who want to wrestle.  He is in the process of buying some mats for his garage, and he says he knows a few other guys who he says will want to come over and wrestle.  Where in the world he has found some other guys in my area, I have no idea.  I can't hardly find anyone!  So, this all looks pretty hopeful.  Of course, as you well know, it may all fall through.

Meanwhile I continue running, working out (as much as possible) and wrestling when ever I get the chance.  I'm planning on a trip to DC next Spring just to wrestle.  There are several guys in the DC area that I love to get naked and grapple with (you know who you are) so I hope they will be available.

Until then, I will lift and run and sweat as much as time allows.   Wrestle hard, dudes!