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Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22nd

I don't know how the weather is where you guys are, but where I live it's dark and cold and rainy. 

I'm off work today, and I really don't have anything in particular I need to do.  The Christmas presents are bought and wrapped.  The tree is up.  The house is reasonably clean.

So, what should I do to fill up my day?

Well, I suppose I could jerk off all day, but that is NOT what I'm going to do.  Instead, I am going to work out.  But, before I get started I need a little inspiration. I need some jock dude to serve as an example, a guiding light, a shining star by which I will navigate my sweaty self to a higher plain of physical consciousness.

I choose Frank Molinaro of Penn State's wrestling team.  Frank was runner up last year at the NCAAs.  He lost to Kyle Dake of Cornell, but that does not blunt my unweavering admiration for Frank.  Not in the least.  Here's a look at Frank - the Gorilla-Hulk (that's what they call him).

He looks huge doesn't he?  Well, he's not.  I doubt Frank is any taller than 5'6".  He weighs 157 pounds.  So this is no monster linebacker type fella.  Instead, this is a sawed-off stud who looks pretty damned hot in a singlet.  And, here's Frank without a shirt.

Okay, there's the inspiration.  Now, what do I do with it?  Well, I'm stuck in the house so here is what I plan to accomplish:

Run on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

100 Push-ups

100 Pull-ups (I have a pull-up bar in a door frame)

100 crunches with a thirty-pound weight on my chest

Three sets of over-head presses with 30-pound weights

Three sets of front raises (twenty-pound weights)

Three sets of lateral raises (twenty-pond weights)

My point in all this is NOT to brag about my work-out.  It is, instead, to demonstrate to you that even if you are stuck in the house, you can work out.  Okay, you don't have a pull-up bar, so - do push-ups.  You don't have a treadmill?  Run in place with knees up high.  You can do it, dudes.  Don't wait until New Year's Day to begin a new routine.  Do it, NOW.

And if you lack inspiration, just think about Frank. 


  1. Hi, I just found your blog recently and have enjoyed reading your posts. I'm also very interested in wrestling and have met up with a few guys for some matches despite my relative lack of experience. However, it's been hard to gain more experience just because it seems very difficult to find other guys to meet on any sort of regular basis. It sounds as though you have had more success in this though from reading over some of your posts. I was curious as to how exactly you have developed connections with the guys you are wrestling. Are there any forums out there or other ways to connect with guys with a similar interest in wrestling, so that I can find matches more frequently and develop skills more quickly?

  2. Go to and sign up. I have been a member for about five years and I've wrestled around fifty guys in that time. Just remember these rules: use common sense - if the guy seems weird, don't wrestle him. Respond to emails in a polite manner. Don't stand someone up with no reason. Now, go forth: wrestle.