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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out With 2011

The picture above is from a video that can be found at  I think that web site has some of the best looking guys in their videos.  I especially like Trent Novak, a guy who is really cut and just looks like someone who would be a blast to wrestle.  Here's a picture of Trent.

Anyway, here we are in the final moments of the old year.  I was pretty lucky this morning.  I got to wrestle a guy who lives here in town.  I haven't had a match in quite a few weeks, so when I got the email from Mr. I asking me to come over, I was up and ready to go. 

He's about 210 pounds, 5'7", 15 inch arms (maybe bigger) - so he's a little big for me, but my God he's fun to wrestle.  What a stud and I crawl all over him in every match we have.  He made me tap out twice, but I got him once.

I think I'm pretty fortunate to have him here in town.  He lives relatively close by.  He has his own house with a room that is convertible into a wrestling room.  And he's a nice guy.  I would like to take some pictures of the two of us wrestling some day, but he's under the impression that he's a little over weight right now (he looks great) - so maybe some day.

I hope you guys are getting to wrestle.  I live for it, and every time I come home from a match, I feel so alive.

Here's wishing you a happy, safe, and wrestle-ful New Year.  I hope all your wrestling dreams come true.  See ya in 2012.

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