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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plans for the Coming Year

So, it's almost a new year.  And, I guess it's time to settle on some resolutions, right? 


This year resolve to have no resolutions.  What good does it do you to plan on getting more exercise?  On running twenty miles a week?  On joining a gym?  You've been down that road before and where has it gotten you? 

Making resolutions.  Again.

Instead of marking the new year by deciding to change, instead, decide that today you will do something.  Get out of the house, walk, run, ride a bike.  Too cold?  Do crunches, sit-up, push-ups.  Can't do more than three push-ups?  Do three push-ups.  Rest an hour.  Do three more.  Rest an hour.  Do three more.

This year, we work.  Not just at the job, but everywhere in our lives.  Dan Gable, the great college wrestler, once said that there is no problem that can't be fixed through hard work, and he's right.  There is nothing in your life that cannot be turned around.  All you need to do is work.  Clean your house.  Take out the garbage.  Shovel the snow.  Get your car serviced.  Pay your bills.  Work, dude.  That's what made America great and that's what will solve ALL of your problems. 

Are you over-weight?  Then work.  Work to get it off.  Throw away the food that is bad for you and only buy food that is good for you.  Run. Walk.  Ride a bike.  Run in place.  Work, dude.  Now.

Are you wasting whole days in front of the TV or PC?  Turn it off.  Mop the floor.  Dust your belongings.  Just get up and move. 

Are you depressed?  Stand up.  Force yourself to stand up, right now.  Now, walk from one end of your apartment or home to the other.  Again.  Do it again.  Now once more.  Keep moving.  Work.  It won't solve your depression (I know, I've been there) but it will help. 

So, 2012?  Not the year of the rat or the dog, but the year of WORK.  Hard work.  Work that makes you sweat like a man, like a whole person.  Work that will change your life and make you - well, you. 

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