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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Man, it's been a while since I wrote to you guys.  Sorry about the long-held delay.  I've got plenty of excuses - work, wrestling - the usual, but none of them seem good enough.  Let me just say: I'm sorry.

So, I'm back and the weather down south is more like Spring than late winter.  Which is good, because the older I get the less I like running in twenty degree weather.  Besides when the sun is bright and warm, it feels good to walk around in just a pair of jeans and some wrestling shoes - get some sun on my far-too-pale chest and arms.  Now, if I had someone else to hang around with who was dressed in the same fashion - well, that would be grand.

I have not been doing a heck of a lot of wrestling.  Mainly I've been coaching wrestling, but the season's over so I'm back to the old day-to-day.  Which is good because I prefer wrestling guys my own age. 

I did get to wrestle a couple of guys about a week ago.  Unfortunately, it was not erotic--one of the guys was not into that.  Both of them are quite a bit bigger than me - around sixty pounds.  They wrestled each other first, and really went at it.  Their match lasted around fifteen minutes. 

In some ways it was very static.  They caught hold of each other and remained in place as they struggled against one another.  Both are very strong and neither seemed able to gain an advantage over the other.  Finally, one of them gave in and was submitted.

I wrestled them one at a time next - which was a mistake.  They were both ramped up to wrestle a guy their own size and I got hammered.  It wasn't as much fun as you might think. 

So, anyway, I probably should have just watched. 

Too, I do better on a set of mats rather than on a sheet thrown onto the floor of a hotel room.  I need room to move against a larger opponent.  Hotel rooms sort of force you to go head-to-head, which is fine if you are strength-proportionate.  We were not.

So, I'm ready for another match.  How about it dudes?  Who wants to wrestle?  I'm headed to St. Louis and Washington DC this Spring.  Anyone up for a match?