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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Is Almost Over

What marks the end of Spring?  Is it the coming of Memorial Day?  The beginning of the summer movie season (May first)?  The actual beginning of Summer (June 21)?  Naw, it's the end of the post-season in wrestling.  And, this year, the end of the Olympic Team Trials.

Above, you see Trent Paulson flashing his guns after downing Kyle Dake, Cornell's three-time NCAA champion.  Trent did not, unfortunately, make it to the Olympic Team.  But he did put on a good show at the Team Trials.  And it was an accomplishment for him to take down Dake, who is widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the nation.  Well, at folkstyle, not so much freestyle.

There's another look at Trent.  What a stud, eh?  I have only recently started noticing Trent (and his twin brother Travis) mainly because a friend of mine is sort of fixated on Trent.  I can see why.  He's built like crazy and just oozes masculinity.  He's the kind of guy we all dream of wrestling...and being able to wrestle. 

There's another view of Trent mixing it up with Dake.

As or me, I plan on getting in as much wrestling as I can over the next few months.  In May, I'll be heading to Memphis to wrestle that friend of mine who likes Trent Paulson.  This friend, I'll call him Mr. D, is a real stud.  He's built really well, and has the most pleasant personality.  Not only is he fun to wrestle, but he's fun to talk to.  Real interesting guy.  So, I'm looking forward to that.

In June, I will be in Chicago for around four days.   I will be staying in the same hotel as two friends of mine.  They are dating but both like to wrestle, so I'll be hitting the mats with them.  I've also set up some matches with some guys whom I've wrestled before in Chicago (and who I really like) and also a few matches with some new guys.

Around home, I'm contemplating wrestling a guy who has just recently moved back to town from DC.  He has mats and a place to wrestle, but the last time I wrestled him, I did not have a very good experience.  My intuition tells me that I should pass, but my cock is urging me to go.  I probably should not listen to my cock.  He doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time, but then again, on occasion, he can be pretty persuasive.

So, I hope you guys have a great summertime.  I hope you get lots of chances to strip down and wrestle, to get all hot and sweaty and fully into all those fantasies you've had since you were twelve.  Write me and tell how it's going.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Death of a Dream

This weekend in Iowa, the US Olympic Trials are taking place for Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling.  The guy you see above, Danny Felix, is a 122-pound wrestler who has spent the last few years of his life preparing for today. 

A lot of the wrestlers who showed up in Iowa City to wrestle this weekend were college wrestlers who had spent the last year wrestling folkstyle.  They went to Iowa City to give it a go--just to see if they could make the US Olympic Team and go to London. 

But, Danny, along with quite a few other men and women, has taken the last few years and done NOTHING but prepare for today.  How would you like everything in your life to come down to three two-minute periods?  Win, and you have a shot at going to London, winning a medal, appearing in Vanity Fair and on Good Morning America.  Lose and you are consigned to the dustbin of history.

Danny Felix has wrestled in international tournaments.  He has wrestled almost every wrestler in his weight class in the United States.  Although Danny did not do extremely well in college, his post-college career has left him ranked in the top five of wrestlers in the US in freestyle. 

Above you see Danny wrestling one of the guys I really like in wrestling: Logan Steiber.  Logan won an NCAA Championship this past March (I was there!) and is a silver medalist in international wrestling.  Danny beat Logan.

Here's another look at Danny.  I think you can see from this picture why I like him.

It blows my mind that Danny is only 5'5" and 122 pounds.  He looks like a monster in that photo.  Yeah, he'd kill me, but I would love to wrestle with him.  I don't think my weight advantage would do me much good, but I'd enjoy it none-the-less.

Anyway, Danny went to Iowa, and...failed.  He wrestled all the way to the semi-finals before being beaten.  Danny's dream is over.  He may be able to wait another four years for the next Olympics, or he may not.  Age is tough on a wrestler.  Your prime years usually end around 30. 

I wish Danny well.  I hope he gets more chances to compete, or that he gets a chance to coach.  Either way,  he certainly looks good in a singlet.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why We Wrestle

A friend of mine (a girl) asked me one time why it was that guys liked to wrestle.

Then, last night I saw a brief trailer for the new Disney movie Chimpanzee in which two little chimps are wrestling.

Is wrestling merely a hold-over of primate behavior?  An instinctual need to dominate a playmate (or lover?) and to be dominated?

Well, if I were an academic I might embrace that theory.  But the truth is that wrestling holds a fascination for me and others not just because we are descended from the apes (like some sort of vestigial tail or something--we can't get rid of it) but because it meets a series of fundamental needs.

1)  Wrestling = Sex.  For my entire life I have seen wrestling as an expression of sexual desire.  As a kid I actually was embarrassed to see wrestling on TV or in movies -- or even in a comic book (to me, comics were like porn).  It was not until I was an adult that I calmed down and began to be able to place wrestling in its proper context of sex and/or sport.

2) Competition.  Growing up a gay kid, I was intimidated by larger, more athletic kids.  I wasn't a big guy.  I'm still not a big guy.  Although I am fairly well-defined muscularly speaking, I am not a large person.  Still, even as a kid I loved to dive on my friends and try to subdue them.  I had one friend in particular who was much taller than me and quite a gifted athlete.  I can't tell you how many times I would just jump him and try and wrestle him to the ground.  Best part: he didn't mind.

3) Physical Boundaries.  Wrestling provides us with a definitive view of our physical boundaries.  A lot of guys (a lot of women, too) have an ill-defined sense of their self.  They do not know what they can and cannot do physically speaking.  Wrestling provides an opportunity to see exactly what you are capable of doing in terms of attempting to move another human body around a mat or bed while that body is providing resistance.

4) Body Closeness.  Wrestling provides a means of engaging in body closeness that does not necessarily involve kissing and hugging and sex.  It allows you to explore another person's body in an extremely intimate manner without the overt postures and mannerisms associated with making love.  I would even go so far as to say that erotic wrestling provides an escape from the typical sort of homosexual sex in that it is an alternative form of love-making that avoids demonstrations of affection.  I like that.

5) Dominance and Submission.  Okay, back to that ape-thing.  As we all know, sex has a mental component to it.  Wrestling (erotic wrestling) is like that, too.  We cast ourselves into roles of victor and vanquished, heel vs. jobber, stud vs. weakling.  We want to see ourselves, physically, in a situation that leaves us either helpless before a more accomplished and athletic superior, or the victor in a battle over another foe.  Those scenarios play out in an unending series of situations: tough guy/weakling, heel/jobber, tough guy beaten by smaller guy.  For me personally, I love the idea of being beaten by someone who I should be able to beat.  Someone slightly smaller or who might be perceived as weaker but who pulls out the victory and makes me submit.  I think that goes back to high school where I was beaten in a match against this kid who everyone sort of despised.  There was something intensely sexual about him beating me in front of my friends.  Forcing me to the mats.  Humiliation.

There you go.  My reasons for wrestling.  So, what are YOUR reasons for wrestling?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Here We Go

He looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model, doesn't he?  Now, I'm not really into diving, but I wouldn't mind helping this young guy towel off. 

So, anyway, here I am, sitting at my iMac once again, wondering if a virus is masquerading as Adobe and thinking that I could be wrestling this weekend, but I'm not.  I was planning on driving over to Oklahoma to do some wrestling.  I'd even set up a meeting with a guy.  Or, I thought I'd set up a meeting with a guy.  Okay, let me explain.  And maybe there's some sort of lesson in this for us all.

I contacted a guy who lives over near Oklahoma City a few weeks ago and asked him if he'd be interested in wrestling if I came over his way.  He responded that he was very interested and asked if he could speak to me.  I sent him my phone number and he started texting me. 

We texted back and forth over a few days, and we ironed out all the details of when I'd be in town and where we'd meet.  About a week passed, and I assumed that our plans were all finalized.

Then I got an email from him via globalfight in which he asked if I would come to Oklahoma to wrestle him.  I responded that yes, I was coming, in about two weeks.

Then he wrote back and asked when I was coming and where I might be staying.

It occurred to me that the text conversations had been completely forgotten.  In fact, he didn't even remember that I was the guy he'd texted with.  (yeah, I know: with whom he'd texted)

So, I did not drive all the way to Oklahoma to wrestle him.  I was afraid that I'd drive all that way and he wouldn't even remember who I was.

I'm not mad.  No need for that.  Just a little perplexed, that's all.  Are electronic communications really so nebulous, so fly-away and disposable, that they mean absolutely nothing?  Naw, that can't be true.  I text and email with guys all the time, and they take the messages seriously.

Maybe it's a generational thing?  The guy was quite a bit younger than me.  Maybe to guys in their twenties, nothing has weight unless it's right there in front of them.  Instant gratification.  Anything that involves a waiting period is not worth retaining? 

Or maybe this guy just isn't that bright?

What do you guys think?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Turn-Down

A few years ago I decided that I would make an attempt to contact and wrestle a guy whose profile I'd seen on  If you've ever visited this site, you may have seen his profile.  I won't mention his handle.  He's not one of those guys who posts mountains of photos (like me?).  Rather he has a good set of pics and an amazing, lean body.  Best of all, he is my size.  So, I thought that I'd contact him, and offer to fly to his city and wrestle him.

His response?  No thanks.

I have to admit that I was a little taken-aback.  But, then again, I thought, just because I find him attractive does not mean that he finds me attractive.  Then, again, honestly, I don't know that's the case.  I might have caught him on a bad day when he was sick and tired of guys.  He could have been embroiled in some knotty personal issue that had nothing to do with wrestling.  But, I think, it's fair for me to surmise that he just wasn't "in" to me.

On my recent trip to St. Louis I got to spend a lot of time with some close friends who are all into wrestling.  And two of them told me, separately, stories about how they had contacted X wrestler in Y city, and had either not gotten a response, or were turned down.

In fact, one of my friends mentioned this several times.  He had attempted to contact several different guys in several different cities and for whatever reason, these guys had chosen not to wrestle with him.

These stories were always accompanied by a certain angry, hurt tone.  And, I guess that is to be expected.  No one likes to be rejected.  It hurts.  But I think that as members of the online wrestling community (yes, we are members) , we have to keep in mind that just because a person posts an ad on the internet looking for a match, that does not mean that they are open to wrestling anyone.

I'll give you an example.  I get emails about every month or so from a guy in the Midwest whose profile consists of a single picture of him standing in front of a mirror taking his photo with a flash.  All I can see is an enormous belly and a bright flash. 

I'm sorry, but I don't want to wrestle this guy.

I think I have the right to say that I am not interested.  And I have told this guy that he's too big (he has around eighty pounds on me). 

So, in light of all this, here are my rules for handling "the turn-down."

1.  Don't take it personally.  You may not be the physical type that the guy likes to wrestle or he may be distracted by personal problems that have absolutely nothing to do with you and your request.

2.  Be mindful that some small guys don't want to wrestle guys that are a lot bigger than them.

3.  Be mindful that some big guys prefer wrestling someone around their own size.

4.  Hygiene is important.  Some guys like hair, others do not. 

5.  Don't be offended if you write to a guy in great shape and he turns you down...because you are not.  (I put a lot of effort into my physical appearance.  I am a little put off when guys write to me that obviously don't.)

6.  Do not, under any circumstances, write back and say something rude.  In fact, a general rule for any electronic communications: if you write something mean and snarky, read it out loud to yourself first, then delete it.  No matter how witty you think you are, you'll regret sending it.  It is notoriously difficult to discern intent in electronic communications, so even if the response you got seemed mean, it might not have been meant that way.

Okay.  Now go out and find someone to wrestle.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Catching Up

Hey guys.  Geez, it's hard to find time to write.  But here I am, again, and look!  A picture of Logan Steiber, NCAA National Champion at 133 pounds.  Yes, I have a little bit of a crush on old Logan.  I got to see him wrestle at the NCAAs in St. Louis this past month and it was great to see him triumph over the overly-tattooed Jordon Oliver.  I wasn't too sure my hero was going to win that match. Logan had wrestled Jordon earlier in the year and lost rather badly.  So, it was really exciting to see Logan pull it out (so to speak) and win.

I had a great trip to St. Louis.  I sort of stepped off the cliff of reasonability and decided to invite a guy whom I've never met to stay with me in my hotel room.  The guy, who is from Pittsburg, turned out to be the nicest fella.  He's built like crazy - really handsome - but such a mild mannered and pleasant person.  And, he liked to wrestle a lot, too.  Here's a picture of me wrestling him in our hotel room:

That's me in the yellow trunks getting man-handled by - let's call him Mr. Buff.  The masks were his (I don't own any).

I also got a chance to meet this guy from St. Louis whom I'll call D.  He came over to wrestle Mr. Buff but since it was my room I sort of wound up hanging around.  In fact, at first, I thought they wanted me to go, but then it became clear that they didn't.  So I wrestled D, then Mr. Buff wrestled D, and back and forth.  D is quite a bit younger than me and Mr. Buff.  A really nice guy.  Great smile and a sort of laughing way about him.  He seemed to be having such a great time.  In many respects, D was a better wrestler than either Mr. Buff or myself, but that didn't matter. 

Finally, Mr. Buff and D were on the bed wrestling, and Mr. Buff suggested that we have a three-way - all three of us wrestle.  I am a little shy about these things, but I piled on and we all three went at it, eventually transitioning to erotic wrestling.  Slowly but surely, we peeled off what little clothes we had on, and I had one of the best sexual experiences of my life.  I was struck by how handsome these two guys were, and how I was there with them.  It was really great.

Then, too, a very close friend of mine came up the next night and he stayed with Mr. Buff and I in my room.  He's a great guy - I'll call him C - and C greeted me with one of the best blow jobs I've ever had.  The next day, C and D and I oil wrestled and that was a load of fun too.

So, anyway, what a great trip.  The NCAAs were exciting, I got to wrestle a lot, and I met some really great guys.