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Friday, April 6, 2012

Catching Up

Hey guys.  Geez, it's hard to find time to write.  But here I am, again, and look!  A picture of Logan Steiber, NCAA National Champion at 133 pounds.  Yes, I have a little bit of a crush on old Logan.  I got to see him wrestle at the NCAAs in St. Louis this past month and it was great to see him triumph over the overly-tattooed Jordon Oliver.  I wasn't too sure my hero was going to win that match. Logan had wrestled Jordon earlier in the year and lost rather badly.  So, it was really exciting to see Logan pull it out (so to speak) and win.

I had a great trip to St. Louis.  I sort of stepped off the cliff of reasonability and decided to invite a guy whom I've never met to stay with me in my hotel room.  The guy, who is from Pittsburg, turned out to be the nicest fella.  He's built like crazy - really handsome - but such a mild mannered and pleasant person.  And, he liked to wrestle a lot, too.  Here's a picture of me wrestling him in our hotel room:

That's me in the yellow trunks getting man-handled by - let's call him Mr. Buff.  The masks were his (I don't own any).

I also got a chance to meet this guy from St. Louis whom I'll call D.  He came over to wrestle Mr. Buff but since it was my room I sort of wound up hanging around.  In fact, at first, I thought they wanted me to go, but then it became clear that they didn't.  So I wrestled D, then Mr. Buff wrestled D, and back and forth.  D is quite a bit younger than me and Mr. Buff.  A really nice guy.  Great smile and a sort of laughing way about him.  He seemed to be having such a great time.  In many respects, D was a better wrestler than either Mr. Buff or myself, but that didn't matter. 

Finally, Mr. Buff and D were on the bed wrestling, and Mr. Buff suggested that we have a three-way - all three of us wrestle.  I am a little shy about these things, but I piled on and we all three went at it, eventually transitioning to erotic wrestling.  Slowly but surely, we peeled off what little clothes we had on, and I had one of the best sexual experiences of my life.  I was struck by how handsome these two guys were, and how I was there with them.  It was really great.

Then, too, a very close friend of mine came up the next night and he stayed with Mr. Buff and I in my room.  He's a great guy - I'll call him C - and C greeted me with one of the best blow jobs I've ever had.  The next day, C and D and I oil wrestled and that was a load of fun too.

So, anyway, what a great trip.  The NCAAs were exciting, I got to wrestle a lot, and I met some really great guys. 

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