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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The comic book cover shown above is from a blog called "Men in Peril" that I came across (pardon the pun) on the Rants Roids n Rasslin' blog.  Here is the link to that blog:

This doctored comic cover really touched me in a fundamental and very primal way.  Unlike a lot of guys who like wrestling, I did not come to this sport--fetish--whatever through pro wrestling.  Although I did watch some pro wrestling on Saturday mornings when I was a kid, I wasn't turned on by the huge guys I saw there.  Instead, I was getting hard reading comic books.

I've mentioned before in this blog how I was so turned on by comic books as a kid that I actually viewed them as pornography.  It was difficult for me to go into a comic book store and just browse without getting extremely turned on.

I remember one time, I sat on the floor of my local comic store and leafed through box upon box of old comics.  As cover after cover flashed before my eyes, I got harder and harder.  I kept looking around, wondering if anyone felt the way I did.  They did not appear to.  So, I left.

The cover above in particular struck me because of the various elements that go into the picture.  The leering Master of the Plant World looks on through the glass as the helpless Atom struggles feebly in the grasp of the plant, whose tentacles reach out to ensnare his hardening member and hold him captive.  The Atom has the presence of mind to think that he's trapped, "as helpless as a kitten," as he says (thinks), as he tries to escape before being made the sexual slave of the plant.

I have to admit that this scene has flashed through my mind several times over the last few days.  I've even worked on the full scenario.  What happens to the Atom?  Does he escape?  Or is he truly ensnared and milked by the plant to the profound amusement and lust of the Master of the Plant World.  Once he's been milked, does the plant continue to hold him? Waiting patiently as the Atom awakes from his sexual delirium only to begin the process of milking him again?

I'd be interested to know if any of your guys out there have the same sort of fantasies as me about comics.  If you do, write me.  Tell me about your favorite comic book cover.  Here's my all time favorite.



  1. I SO remember this comic when I was a kid! Didn't have a clue then why I liked it so much!

  2. gee, thanks for the swell comments on my blog! comics are just so beyond any other form of "pron"...much more pure.