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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Types of Guys

Okay.  Two pictures. Two guys.  I am assuming that most of you are already mentally deciding which of these two guys you'd most want to wrestle.

The guy at the top is Chris Shiflett, the lead guitarist of the band Foo Fighters.  I saw Chris on Saturday Night Live the other night when the Foo Fighters backed up Mick Jagger on a cover of Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown.  Chris really stuck out to me.  He has a good build, plays guitar like crazy, and has a good face.  In fact, that's my favorite thing about him (besides the guitar playing).  He has what I would call a kind face.

The guy at the bottom is Tyler Southwick.  Tyler is a Fitness Model and YouTube geek that films himself after having worked out.  He does a lot of flexing and showing off for his fans, and as you can see, they get their money's worth (okay, it's free).

I've never been a big lover of tattoos, but I like Chris.  He wears a t-shirt well, has a nice scruffy beard and just looks intelligent.  Judging from his solo work (check out the Dead Peasants on Itunes), Chris is fixated on that whole early '70's Gram Parsons, Eagles, Flying Burrito Brothers thang.  I like it.  I have several Gram Parson's albums loaded to my iPod and I own a copy of Sweetheart of the Rodeo.  So, that just makes it even easier for me to like him.

Tyler, on the other hand is so relentlessly and conventionally attractive that he's sort of distracting.  I like the dazed and confused look on his face - "dude, I am so not going to wrestle you naked" - but I get the impression that if the topic strayed too far from Tyler that he'd get bored and leave.  Still, that dude can wear his pants low, can't he?  And he has a great pair of arms.

So, who would you rather wrestle?


  1. I'd like to wrestle Chris. But I'd like to beat the crap out of Tyler.

  2. Tyler, no contest. Tattoos and facial hair are a big turnoff to me.