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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Yeah, that's me.  Probably not a great idea to post a picture of myself when I've been posting pictures of all these studs.  Must be sort of shocking to see a real person instead of a college wrestler or movie star.  Still, I'm not a complete slub. I see a little definition there.

So, I am hoping to do some wrestling this evening. I will be driving up to a guy's place-- he lives about twenty miles from me.  He has his own home out in the country and he has mats.  So, this sounds promising.  If he turns out to be a nice guy and fun to wrestle, I hope this develops into a weekly thing.  But, I'm just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

As I had told you guys in an earlier post, I wrestled this guy once before, many years ago.  In fact, he was the absolute first person I ever met and wrestled using the internet.

It was not a good experience.

He was quite a bit stronger than me and didn't seem to understand the concept of "tapping out."  He put me in some leg-scissors and almost broke one of my ribs. 

So, you ask, what the hell am I doing going up to see him again?

Well, that's a good question.  I have been examining my motivations and here's what I think.

I really want to find a person that I can wrestle with on a regular basis.  I realize that this guy hurt me last time, but in my conversations with him, I told him what happened last time, and I explained that if he wanted me to come up and wrestle, that he needed to gear things down.  Otherwise, he'd never see me again.

He apologized and assured me that he would not repeat his behavior.  So, I'm going.  Yeah, I may be stupid.  I may get hurt.  I hope not.  But I'm going.  And I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

On another note: I am going to be posting some excerpts from a new book that I am writing on this blog in the next few weeks.  I hope you guys will take some time and read them. Here's an overview:

Jack and Robert are much alike.  Both are outstanding high school wrestlers and good students.  They are good looking, and motivated.  Jack is the outstanding wrestler for the Stockton Senators, a team that has not had a State Champion since 1958.  Robert is the star for Lee's Summit Christian School, a tiny private school with only five guys on the team.  Both boys have dreams of having their hands raised in victory.  

Jack lives on a run-down farm with a brooding step-father.  Desperately poor and equally desperate to escape to a Division I college, Jack trains incessantly to win.  Robert is the son of a prominent attorney.  He has good parents, and friends and teammates who support him.  He has set a goal for himself: to win a State Championship.  And Robert always attains his goals.

But then they wrestle...and fall in love.  

Wrestling With Adversity is the story of two high school seniors, who each have their reasons for needing to win a State Championship, and how they attempt to reconcile their desire to win with their desire for each other.


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  1. Okay so may not be body builder or 20 old college wrestler, but your clearly in good shape. You have some muscled arms. I from reading your blog you seem to be pretty tough.

    Sorry you two bad experiences with this guy.