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Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicago Part I

I'm back from the shores of Lake Michigan, once again in the sunny south.  The forty percent humidity has been replaced by one hundred percent, and the seventies and eighties are now mere memories.

My trip was entirely for pleasure.  It was not marred by any work or personal concerns, and I was able to take three days and wrestle guy after guy.  I understand that perhaps that might be seen as slightly slut-tish by some, but I'm not here to justify, rationalize, or even promote my actions.  Merely to record.  After all, what's done is done.  I can't go back and change the past.  Besides.

I wouldn't wanna.

My first match was with M and D.  M is an old friend from DC whom I have wrestled several times in the past.  He is really a very close friend; someone whom I like a great deal.  I was a little worried that wrestling with D might be a problem since D is M's boyfriend.  You never know.  D might have been the jealous type.  But he wasn't.  Instead he was a great guy--a load of fun-and very sexy.

D is a little older than me, but slim and with broad shoulders and a good build.  He's a very tough guy to wrestle, and he submitted me in very little time.  But, that did not matter, as things got erotic quite quickly.  M and D joined together to make my welcome to Chicago a pleasant experience.

I also got to meet a guy whom I'd been wanting to meet for quite a while.  He is from Indy and I'll call him R.  R is a little guy.  Shorter than me (and I'm 5'7") but with a nice build and a good attitude. Unfortunately, I never really got a chance to wrestle with R (not in a full-on match) because he got hurt wrestling another guy the afternoon I arrived.  His arm was black and blue and I think R was in quite a bit of pain.

Thursday night, I was scheduled to wrestle M and D and R - and a friend of theirs whom they'd met off Globalfights who I'll call S.  I had seen this guy's profile and I thought he looked incredibly tough.  He is very muscular, with a big hairy chest, a shaved head, and tattoos.

We had decided that we would all wrestle in my room since I had a suite, so S arrived at my room before M and D had arrived.  R was there, too.

I opened the door wearing just a pair of jeans, and took a look at S.  I liked him immediately.  In fact, I struggle somewhat with describing my reaction to him.  All I can say is that it was immediate and intense.  As he sat on the bed and stripped off his shirt, I jumped on him and started wrestling him.  I couldn't help myself.  And, happily, he seemed to like it too.

The evening was a lot of fun.  We all four wrestled each other.  R did as much as his arm would allow, and I got a chance to wrestle with D again.  But at the end of the evening, it wound up that just S and I were alone in my room.  We wrestled for a while longer.

Sometimes, you just click with another guy.  No one can predict it.  I certainly can't.  But we clicked.  I was very turned on by his body and (thankfully) he was equally turned on by mine.  I walked him to his bus stop around twelve thirty and we agreed we would try and wrestle again before I left town.  Unfortunately, I had booked myself pretty solid.  But (as we all know) the chances that everyone would show up were pretty low, so I harbored a strong hope that I would see S again.

More tomorrow...  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer: Time to Wrestle

The temperature is rising and so is my hard on. 

A little too graphic?  Sorry.  But it's summer and I have a few days off so I'm jumping on a plane to go to Chicago for the weekend.  My plan is to wrestle as many guys as possible in just over three days.

I've got about three matches set up for each day, so that should work out to around nine guys.  But you know how these things work. Some won't show. So, if I get in five, I'll be happy.

I've been hitting the gym like a lunatic and I feel pretty pumped.  I'm ready to strip down to just about nothing and get all hot and sweaty with some guys.  My aim is to wrestle guys my size, as much as possible.  Most of the matches I have set up are with guys my size or smaller.  But, there are a few guys who I just like that I'll wrestle in spite of the fact that they out weigh me by...oh...forty or fifty pounds.

These are muscled dudes, by the way.  I'm not too crazy about big guys in terrible shape that are all excited to wrestle me but who never take any time to get into shape themselves.  That seems to happen to me quite often.  Guys write to me.  They may be 200, 250, even 300 pounds, and they can't wait to wrestle me.  But they look so out of shape.  I work out.  I eat right.  I'm supposed to look good.  But they don't have to.  It's not really very fair.

So, hopefully this weekend I will redress that imbalance.

Have a good weekend!