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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer: Time to Wrestle

The temperature is rising and so is my hard on. 

A little too graphic?  Sorry.  But it's summer and I have a few days off so I'm jumping on a plane to go to Chicago for the weekend.  My plan is to wrestle as many guys as possible in just over three days.

I've got about three matches set up for each day, so that should work out to around nine guys.  But you know how these things work. Some won't show. So, if I get in five, I'll be happy.

I've been hitting the gym like a lunatic and I feel pretty pumped.  I'm ready to strip down to just about nothing and get all hot and sweaty with some guys.  My aim is to wrestle guys my size, as much as possible.  Most of the matches I have set up are with guys my size or smaller.  But, there are a few guys who I just like that I'll wrestle in spite of the fact that they out weigh me by...oh...forty or fifty pounds.

These are muscled dudes, by the way.  I'm not too crazy about big guys in terrible shape that are all excited to wrestle me but who never take any time to get into shape themselves.  That seems to happen to me quite often.  Guys write to me.  They may be 200, 250, even 300 pounds, and they can't wait to wrestle me.  But they look so out of shape.  I work out.  I eat right.  I'm supposed to look good.  But they don't have to.  It's not really very fair.

So, hopefully this weekend I will redress that imbalance.

Have a good weekend!   


  1. Hey, let me know if you ever get to NYC, we're close in size.
    ltwtwrslnyc on global

  2. I have no plans at the present, but I will let you know if I am heading your way.