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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Rules of Attraction

                                           A photo from my oil match in Chicago.  That's me on the right.

My last day in Chicago was definitely my best.  I’ve had some time to sit and think about it now, and I think the thing that strikes me about the two matches I had that Saturday is the feeling of attraction I had for the two guys I wrestled.  Not only were the matches good – lots of back-and-forth, lots of sweat, lots of flexing and showing off—but there was a sexual chemistry at work as well that seemed to define these two matches. 

So, what are the rules of attraction in a wrestling match?

Rule Number One:  It’s always great when you meet up with a guy and you think he’s hot.  You’ve probably seen him on Globalfight or some other website.  Maybe you did a little Skyping with him.  Maybe a webcam.  Maybe you traded pics over email.  But that moment when you open the door and actually lay eyes on him is the moment when you truly find out if you are attracted to the guy. 

But, I would say that it is even more of a rush when you find that the other guy likes you, too.  In fact, nothing is more of a turn-on than to find that someone is attracted to you

How often do you look at your body and find all the countless flaws and imperfections?  How often have you looked in the mirror and thought: “My God, I look like shit!”   Well, nothing dispels all that negative energy like running into a hot guy who thinks you’re a hot guy.

I don’t mean that to be some indication of my vanity.  I just mean that it feels good to have some sort of positive feedback from someone you respect.  I work out – a lot – and I try to eat right.  So, when I wrestle a guy and he lets me know that I’m okay – and he looks fantastic – well, that is a major sexual flipping of my switch.

Rule Number Two:   Attitude and look.  Both guys had the right sort of attitude.  They were not gay and by that I mean they were not feminine in their mannerisms or speech.  They looked and acted like guys.  S (I had wrestled him the previous Thursday night) has a shaved head, a goatee, and tattoos down one arm.  He has a well-defined, hairy chest and big legs.  And he dresses like a guy.  He arrived at my door, shirt already stripped off, in just a ball-cap and baggy shorts.  I jumped him immediately.

T is all smooth and tanned.  He has that perfect skin-tone thing going with absolutely no body hair on him.  He has his hair cut like mine – extremely short, and these well developed pecs that you just want to reach out and grab.  T and I oil wrestled, which was perfect because his body is so sleek and toned that a thin sheen of oil makes him absolutely amazing to wrestle. 

Rule Number Three:  Enthusiasm.  Both guys love to wrestle.  They like to trade body shots and talk trash.  They like to be put in holds and taunted and to break free and turn the tables.  They like to flex and show off and act like total studs.  It made me want to do the same.  T, in particular, likes to shove me and talk like he’s going to kick my ass.  The first time I wrestled him (last fall) I was a little intimidated by him.  But not this time. I shoved him back and tried to give him back what he was trying to dish out.  It made the match that much more intense. 

So, those are my rules of attraction.  Wrestle a guy that you like and who likes you, show up looking and acting like a guy, and be ready to rock.  Obviously, these rules will not apply in every match.  It’s inevitable that physical attraction may not always be a two-way street.  But you CAN apply rules two and three.  Those are variables that you can affect. 


  1. woof, more pics/vids like this please :)

  2. This is "S". Man we are all our worst critics,but you are hot. Maybe that's a good thing too,its a big part of your charm. My poor cock has been taking a beating thinking of our match. "T" and I go way back,he is the first guy I ever wrestled. Good to hear he has not changed his stripes. I was so intimidated when we first met at a bar I didn't go with him. He pushed me and punched me,trash talked. I gave him my number and he called a couple weeks later and we wrestled. Now I am hooked on it. T and I will meet again and complete that circle. I get to Tenn. so we can meet again too,I want it so badly.

  3. I think I've fought T too. But this is about you, John. You are so damn hot, the first time I saw you in the bar in Philly I almost jumped you there. And our second fight in DC was smokin hot too! Your body, your face, your attitude are all 100% hot hot hot, and maybe it's even hotter that you're modest. But to give you an idea, after I read about your fight with S in Chicago I called him out and challenged him to fight me over you. We're going to fistfight, brawl, whatever it takes, and if you're there to watch, oiled up and naked, even better! How's that for guys wanting you?

  4. Okay, you guys tell me where and when and I will be there. I will oil myself up and take on who ever wins. And who ever loses, too. I'm ready!