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Friday, July 6, 2012


I think this is an older photo of Travis Paulson, a College and Olympic wrestler who just seems to get better looking as time passes.  In the photo above Travis is showing off his amazing body and has that sort of look on his face that says: "Come on.  You think you can take me?"

When I was in Chicago I got into an arm-wrestling match with a guy whom I was wrestling.  Granted he's got some weight on me, but I was somewhat disappointed in my performance.  Since then, I've been giving some thought to how I might improve my strength.  And, I am using the photo of Travis to help with that.

When I work out, I typically use relatively light weights.  My work outs are geared toward giving me a lean, sculpted look rather than big muscles.  I settled on this approach to lifting weights several years ago because I found that my body has a tendency to react better to lighter weights, more reps.  But, as I said, since Chicago, I've been re-evaluating.

I have decided that I am going to increase the weight I use and drive myself to complete failure on specific exercises.  By this, I mean that for any one body part that I may be concentrating on, I am going to take at least one exercise and work up through the weights until I cannot go on, then I will work myself back down through the weights until complete failure.

I've done this over the last two weeks and I think I am already seeing some results.  I don't know if I will ever look like Travis up there--he's lean like that because he seriously watches what he eats and I like a glass of wine every now and then--but I am going to get as close as I possibly can.

Who's with me?  Anyone want to share their workout secrets?  Want to work out with me virtually?  Share your workouts and results, and I'll do the same.  Let's go, guys.  Let's get in shape so the next time we wrestle we drive each other nuts.

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