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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Looking for that Pump

That's me after about three weeks of my new and (hopefully) improved work-out and eating routine.  It has been a hard week of working out, and, as is usual with me, nutrition has been a lot harder to handle than the actual work outs.

My weight fluctuated all week long between 146.5 and 147.5 - I have not made it to 148.  Part of the reason I have not gone up in weight is that (according to my Livestrong app) I am expending more calories than I am taking it.  I need to increase the amount of calories I take in by another 600-1,000.  That's a lot of calories for a 5'7" guy to eat.

I'm going to try my best to increase my caloric intake this coming week and I will continue to cut down on the amount of running I am doing.  I was running five times a week - I've cut that back to two or three.

Several guys have written me an asked me to describe my work outs in a little more detail, so I'll do that.  I guess the best way to do that would be to contrast what I was doing with what I am doing now.

Let's take standing barbell shrugs.

For the last several years I have performed shrugs with a fifty-five pound weight in each arm.  And I have done three sets of ten reps.  That's it.  Boy was I in a rut!

Now, I start with 60 pounds and do 10 reps, up to 65 and do ten reps, up to 70 and do 10 reps, and up to 75 and do 8 reps.

Then I work my way back down with five reps of 70, 65, 60, and 55.

As you can see, that is a great improvement on what I was doing not only in the amount of weight but also in the intensity.  By the time I get back down to those 55's I am really getting worn out.

I do that sort of thing on biceps, on my chest, on shoulder presses, legs and dead lifts, too.  Although not all on the same day.  I generally hit a couple of major muscle groups all on one day - like shoulders and back.  Then I do about eight or nine different exercises on those muscle groups by running the weight rack.

Now, I am sure there are a ton of guys out there who do heavier weights than me, but like I've said.  I'm working on going up.  I need another week and I'll take everything up another five pounds.

As for wrestling, I don't have any matches lined up right now, except a few when I go to Atlanta in September.  I am looking forward to those matches - hopefully I'll be in great shape and ready to roll. 

In the meantime, you guys out there - hit the gym and let's wrestle!

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