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Thursday, August 2, 2012

News From the Front

The mail just keeps coming in. Thanks to everyone who has sent me encouragement.  I really appreciate it.  So, quickly, here's the news of the day:

1.) I will be in Atlanta the first week in September.  Anyone wanna wrestle?

2.) Here's a quick breakdown of what I'm eating:
  • Four egg whites, two pieces dry whole wheat toast, bowl of Healthy Grains cereal
  • Grilled breast of chicken and brown rice with broccoli and corn, bottle of Monster Milk protein drink, cheese stick
  • Half cup of raisins
  • Pasta with low fat sauce or lean steak and salad or chicken breast and spinach
 3.)  Work outs:  Monday - Run/Abs/push-ups before work, then at gym shoulders/back/legs
                           Tuesday: Abs/Push-ups before work, then at gym Chest/arms
                           Wednesday: Run/Abs/Pull ups
                           Thursday:  Abs/Push ups before work, then shoulders/back/legs at gym
                           Friday: Run/Abs/Pull ups before work then chest/arms at gym
                           Weekend - take it easy - wrestle

4.) Personal message to J: thanks for the comment from Rules of Attraction.  That made my day.   

1 comment:

  1. Hey John:

    It's Dave in San Antonio...Like your blog and wish we could wrestle are always invited to Texas to roll here again.

    Looks like we will just miss each other in Atlanta as I will be there August 26-27th for one night. Maybe another place and time...

    Best to are looking great!