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Monday, September 10, 2012


Okay, it's been nine weeks since I started my attempt to get bigger and...well...I'm beginning to think my frame is just not cut out for "big."  I am right at 150 pounds and have been for about two weeks.  I was gaining about a pound a week, but once I hit 150, everything just stalled out and I have ceased to grow.  My hopes of hitting 155 look to be getting the old heave-ho. 

But, am I going to give up?  Hell no.

Some miscellaneous thoughts:

I love my fellow bloggers on the Internet.  The guys who write Neverland, Ringside at Skull Island and Inner Jobber do a great job of entertaining me and providing good insights into the world of homo-erotic wrestling.  And, they provide valuable information about my hoped-for wrestling matches. 

See, I don't want to just watch BG East videos--I wanna wrestle.  I've already mentioned that I want to wrestle Jake Jenkins.  I still do, although a recent post at Ringside at Skull Island informs me that Jake is probably not gay.  So, I am moving on in my desire-to-wrestle-that-dude department. 

My newest want-to-wrestle is Lon Dumont, a guy I've seen on BG East.  Here's Lon:

Anyone know this guy?  Is he gay?  Lemme know.  I love that smooth, muscular build and the shaved head.  Very sexy.  According to BG East, he weighs 150 pounds.  Funny how 150 looks so much better on him than me, huh?   

This coming weekend I will be in the mid-south wrestling.  I am supposed to wrestle a guy from Nashville first.  He is in great shape, weighs around 165, and will probably dominate me.  I will give him a fight, though.  Then, I am going to be wrestling a friend from Colorado who will also be coming into town.  Mr. Colorado is way bigger than me but he's a really nice guy who knows how to wrestle smaller guys.  Me and Nashville will probably take him on together.   There is a slight chance that Mr. Colorado will have talked another Nashvillian into joining us.  Nashville2 has wrestled on BG East and looks like he would be a blast to hit the mats with.  I hope he makes it.  Maybe he knows Lon?

Upcoming matches:

From St. Louis, the Grizz.

From San Francisco: Let's just call him the Stud.  A guy I have wanted to wrestle for years.  

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